1. She is looking ROUGH. I don't mean to say she's unattractive because she's pretty, but she looks puffy? Like how you get after a night partying and drinking?

  2. i don’t agree with what alicia does or what she feeds the kids and hell i definitely don’t agree with her exploiting the kids, but she would look so much better if she wasn’t constantly burning herself out, got way more sleep, stopped the adderall and drinking the white claw, and drank more water

  3. You're the second person to mention to me all these things! It must be bad if people can see it :( I'm new here so I wasn't sure what was going on but that makes sense..

  4. What's angry onion? I've heard that onions make people cry. So does this like make you angry or something?

  5. Or this was pre-filmed.....? Which would be weird for a birthday but yeah it seems odd considering she removed the clock

  6. She said she took it down so she could use that board behind it.

  7. She's really pulling a Foodie Beauty with the fat-shaming. She's on her way to obesity if not already there.

  8. Actually she posted before and afters. She has lost about 100 pounds since she was a blonde/in college. Maybe she's gaining some back but she lost an entire person. This is not to say I support or like her in any way but she did put in the work. Weird she never talks about it though.

  9. All her pics are filtered and heavily edited. She uses a slimming filter when she films. She looks as big as she did before if not more. The one time she didn't have a filter on a video she looked bloated and massive.

  10. Here's the link! I mean yes she uses filters and fillers but there's no denying based on the first pic that she's lost about 80-100 pounds.

  11. I'm sorry but there's no way she's working with an entire grill in her mouth at an everyday 9-5 job.

  12. "try some" was my verbiage. his interpretation of that was "use 7/8 of the bottle in 12 hours". im not mad, but it sucked when i got a breakfast burro and pulled the sauce out tha fridge to see it dang near devoured... haha.

  13. I'm gonna be honest.... if someone at work said "it's homemade! Try some!" I'd think they want the bottle gone as a sign that everyone loved it. So I'd take firsts, seconds, thirds... put it on everything I could to show you it's delicious.

  14. .... jaundice? Eye looks yellow? I... I don't know what's happening

  15. Why is it never like: baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, and a dessert that's not so wildly over the top like pie or a single scoop of ice cream? I feel like these kids have to be so sick all the time eating nothing but pasta, sugar, salt, and fat. There was an entire day they ate nothing but McDonald's. Don't get me wrong this looks fun for like a birthday treat.. but when everyday is cake, cookies, fruit snacks, crackers, chips, pasta.. it's just 🤮 to me..

  16. I’m waiting for the day she does a nice stirfry…. Chicken, capsicum, mushroom, courgette, carrot, onions, celery etc with noodles and a nice sauce. Full of Veges

  17. I had 3 friends living in foster care through middle school and high school and the first thing they did when alcohol was in the house was snatch it, hide it, and drink it because they were trying to find ways to cope even though they were unhealthy. One chugged mouth wash the morning we had a standardized exam because she was nervous and thought the alcohol in the mouth wash would calm her nerves. So yeah not only can you as a parent drinking alcohol be triggering but keeping it in the house may cause negative coping skills too if it's readily available.

  18. Devils advocate here I guess.. and I don't know the full extent of her children and their abilities or disabilities.. but I think working at the grocery store or learning a trade are great ideas if they want to learn some independence, life skills, and make their own money. Maybe living with mom is a good idea if they can't keep up with daily hygiene or routines and paying bills on their own. But just taking a step in getting out in the world while living with mom sounds totally reasonable. I have a best friend with severe autism and borderline personality disorder and she started out pushing carts at a grocery store and now she's a nursing assistant. She still lives at home with her parents in her 30s because she struggles being on her own and needs the extra support, but she's gained so much independence, happiness, and security in this balance she's found.

  19. And then I saw her face 🎵🎵🎵 now I'm a believer 🎵🎵🎵

  20. I thought someone had rewritten the dialog for a nanosecond 🤦‍♀️🤣

  21. I will say, atta kid for using paper plates so they're easy to throw away!! :) it will make the process so much easier, I promise you♡

  22. This is why my partner always tells me things are 30 minutes ahead of time. I'm shit in my personal life when it comes to keeping time commitments. Yes I know I'm a shitty friend and yes I'm actively working on it.

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