1. Flan (FLAH-N) is a Latin American dessert kinda like jellowy. It’s made differently depending on the country (in Ecuador we do it with coconut and caramel). This stuff looks unreal

  2. Klutch Mac 1, Galenas Dual OG, Farkas Farms Problem Child, and Certified Gypsy Soap are some heavy hitters I can think of. Fireland's Tally Mon has great daytime effects, too.

  3. I’ve tried the problem child and the Mac 1! Great strains. I haven’t seen Problem Child being sold at a higher weight than 2.8 which I hate. I know we have a new batch of Dual OG coming soon and it looks great! Appreciate you

  4. Because edibles don’t work for me in small doses. I’ll be lucky to feel anything off this but the price was great for 260mg ! It was 20$

  5. 20 for 260 is a steal. I don’t normally consume regular dosages as well (I ate like 6 smokies gummies yesterday and was blasted the entire afternoon) because of your same reason. How did these pucks work out for you?

  6. Another giant waste of packaging materials in the Ohio MMJ program.

  7. That’s where I’d say the biggest cost of the product is at. If they wouldn’t care about image and just give us medicine in a plain sealable baggie, shit would be much less expensive too imo

  8. Do you know if they (Zenleaf)have any discounts this week?

  9. Ok so I’m familiar with this. I have a friend that was on probation for a felony. His probation officers told him he could use his medical card but only for edibles/tinctures/etc. idk why this was, we thought it had something to do with being able to get the flower/concentrates on the streets (much cheaper) therefore making it “illegal”. I personally believe it’s a JUUUGE rabbit hole riddled with reasons as to why. He was a low risk felon so he didn’t even get drug tested or anytjing. It depends on your officer, your case and how harsh it is.

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