1. North/south carolinian here👍🏼 that shit is literally everywhere😂😂😂

  2. In all genuineness, I hope this doesn’t trigger you.. it sounds almost as if he took advantage of you in a very vulnerable moment- especially because you weren’t sober. I hope you are far away from that person .. do you remember the kiss or anything that happened? I’m so sorry this has happened to you, I totally understand your rocd eating you up about it. Also your mother sounds like she is being a bit of a pain in the arse- don’t listen to her.

  3. Hi! I have autoimmune SAI and this post honestly could have been from me (secondary adrenal insufficiency) I would absolutely see an endocrinologist and ask for a cortisol lab if you can.

  4. That’s so awesome! I wish you luck and longevity 🤍🙏🏼

  5. Hey I started dating my partner when he was 16 and I was 17 I’m 20 and he’s 19 now. We’ve been living together for our entire relationship so that has helped a bit but ultimately you just have to try and accept the uncertainty of the future. I am still really scared that because of how young we are there are just so many factors that go into a relationship there will always be uncertainty and you just have to try and not focus on that and live now. It’s difficult but usually when I start having anxiety and doing mental compulsions thinking about our future I try to say “I don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t have any answers” or “maybe that will happen” if it’s something scary that I think of. You could also say “I accept the future” but that’s harder sometimes. But hey happy two years! You are doing great I just figured out I had ocd this year it is difficult I feel you good luck with everything hope this helps a bit!

  6. Thanks so much. Honestly it did.. I feel a lot less alone. I adore my girl- but I hate the uncertainty. Congratulations on your diagnosis/figuring it out! I hope if and when you start treatment it goes well- best of luck to you and your partner for the years to come🤍

  7. I have a hernia too! I have all these symptoms and have for years. It hurts too bad to eat and I have no desire too. You aren’t alone- I hope you find what’s going on 🤍🤍

  8. There's not federal law that requires access to a bathroom. There are some individual states that have one. Additionally there are some regulations on restaurants having to have them. But I forget the exact rules, it has something to do with the number of chairs and tables available and it might vary by state.

  9. Yes, someone replied with a resource above. Unfortunately I’m not in one of the states provided. I didn’t know that about restaurants even after working in them- that’s a little frustrating but makes sense in regards to what space is provided in a restaurant.

  10. Under the federal ADA laws they are not required to provide a public bathroom or allow the use of a private one. You would have to find out if your local state has what you are looking for.

  11. Damn really?! Maybe I just have terrible luck when it comes to public restrooms. Thanks for the info. Edit: Ah yes I am not in one of the states provided. Go figure.

  12. The sigh I let out reading this was at least two full deep breaths😭 this person needs to be truly and profoundly humbled.

  13. I wrote a 3k character reply just to transcript how ignorant he is. (since direct insults are a no-go) I know it's not much, but he wanted to have a source for his own words, which I simply copy and pasted from his other comments. I feel satisfied now. 🥰

  14. Thank you for your service 🙏🏼 🥰🤣 some folks just need to hear it

  15. I saw your post you are headed to the ER - good choice! We hope you get the care you need quickly!

  16. Thank you so much! I’m lucky and did- back home resting and drinking lots now. Just gonna take it very easy for this weekend and hope I start to feel better

  17. Good! Continue to updose! When you crash and are at the point of vomiting the general protocol is to double your dose for a couple of days at least

  18. May I ask where to find good information on updosing and sick day rules? I’ve read some sources but nothing is specific enough.. if that makes sense. I’m having a bit of a hard time comprehending it all and if there’s a source that just spells it out for you that you know of that’d help a great deal. It seems everyone’s got all this down 😅 HC isn’t like any other medication I’ve taken (being able to take more/stress dose) and i tend to hesitate bc I’m not used to the idea of just “taking more” if that makes sense? Today I learned the very hard way NOT to hesitate and listen to my body but it’s still quite disorientating! Thanks so much again, everyone here’s been a huge help- I’m a bit shy to ask questions but I really appreciate the clear, concise, and genuine answers you’ve offered.

  19. You are definitely not alone! I’ve struggled with psychosis since 14 with pmdd.

  20. I don't have many bandaids! Maybe one box of assorted sizes in the standard "nude" color. Lol! I do have an ENTIRE FREEZER DOOR full of various ice packs in different sizes, kinds and so on as well as an entire storage area in the house full of different heating pads that plug in, go in the microwave and so on. The Bathroom Baskets have prescribed and OTD meds, pain creams and lotions, thermometers, BP cuffs, stethoscopes, pill splitters, syringes, saline, needles, sharps containers and on and on and on. Lmao! It's just so normal for people like us!

  21. I have every single type of ice pack you could have 😭😂 collected them from procedures and just EVERYTIME I see one I’m like oh I might need another one LOLLLLL same with heating pads and medicated pain patches. So relatable

  22. My total daily dose is 30mg- 20 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon. That’d be amazing if it lasted six hours for me! I don’t think you can go higher than 30mg can you?

  23. Oh yikes. Well, that would explain why you have huge highs and lows during the day. I was out on the exact same dosing regime when I was first diagnosed and I had to do a lot of research myself before I felt well again. With that dosing schedule, you’re getting a HUGE amount first thing in the morning - like an entire days worth for an adult - having a cortisol crash by 11-12pm and feeling like trash. Then hit with another big bump and left running on zero cortisol whatsoever until the next morning’s enormous dose again. Not great.

  24. Thanks so so so much for this super insightful answer :). This was all incredibly helpful- mind if I message you with some questions?

  25. Pickles are 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 that and some cheese??? absolutely top tier. It’s also a guilty pleasure of mine to put sea salt on my buttered toast.

  26. Cats are basically our mascot😂!! in all genuineness I have no idea if animals can be autistic, that’s a very interesting thought and I wonder if there’s been any genuine research on the subject.

  27. Medical IDs are always valid!! I have one for SAI (not narcolepsy related), truly is a lifesaver. Congrats and stay safe!

  28. I’m not actually sure I fully understand what the levels represent, can someone simplify it for me?/gen

  29. I once had a doctor say “no wonder you’re depressed, if you’re in this much physical pain”. It caught my so off guard, since I was so used to hearing the opposite, I didn’t know how to respond. It’s been 10 years since that was said to me, and it’s still stuck with me

  30. This^ I had a doctor tell me that this year and I about broke my neck to look up at him😂 hearing that changed my life/outlook. I really was so taken aback.

  31. Ah, recovery stories are full of shit. I’m autistic+adhd myself and there’s definitely nothing to recover from. I’ve definitely had it difficult so far but not necessarily because of my autism/adhd but because I was not accommodated to+ ableism. People tried to stomp the neurodivergence out of me, don’t do that to your kid. You’re a good parent coming here for advice.

  32. Ah I had this obsession/ did these compulsions for a very long time. All in all, they are full of shit in regards to anything ocd/anxiety related👍🏼. I got rid of my tarot cards I’d say mmm around 3 years ago and never looked back + started exposure therapy. Best decision I ever made.

  33. What the hell is that😂😂😂

  34. CW WARNING: mention of sucidal ideation⚠️ I have SAI (idiopathic/ immune secondary adrenal insufficiency) and I was in high school undiagnosed. I also had a 504/IEP that was continually ignored and I almost didn’t graduate. I was too sick to work/take care of myself and my senior year of high school was absolutely miserable. Looking back as an adult I see how negligent the school system was to my health and well-being as a student. Excuse the language but they sincerely didn’t give a fuck about me. I have other chronic illnesses as well so I was fighting a myriad of symptoms while trying to be a student. I considered/ made a plan to commit sucide but luckily had a great support system of friends who saw the signs and encouraged me to get help. I know all of this will sounds scary to a parent- I’m kind of the worst case scenario, no one advocated for me. I was neglected and as a result am dealing with the traumatic after effects of such. You are a good parent for coming here for advice.. really, it warms my heart. Lots of kids don’t have that. Just keep advocating for them, keep being there, let them find their way but let them take their time- teach them to SPEAK UP when they don’t feel good and hold their ground. If anything they should get on this subreddit for helpful tips and tricks! and as for the school, don’t let them neglect you or walk all over you. No one “forgets” about an IEP or 504 they just don’t care. I fell ill around 13-14 years old and pretty much spent my teens in the doctors office and in the medical room bathroom at school. Being a kid with an invisible chronic illness is no walk in the park. Just keep fighting for your kids and be as understanding, compassionate, and patient as possible (and don’t forget to tel them you are so proud of them)- best of luck to you. 👍🏼🤍

  35. I am so sorry to hear how you were treated by your school. I am so sorry to hear you felt you needed to consider suicide. It does sound scary but I thank you for your hard truth. This is exactly the stuff I am tryin to avoid. Their school is just kinda nonchalant. I had a new teacher this year tell me they read over the girls 504 plan and I was literally shocked lol that was a first. So he is now my favorite of their teachers. They are actually on the sub and may see this and get embarrassed lol but they know I dont have many other options for advice when it comes to this. But again thank you! I appreciate you sharing your experience.

  36. Ah thank you for being so kind, I’m so glad that this is what you are trying to avoid. You truly are a wonderful and invested parent. I’m glad I chose shed light on the more difficult/darker side of things, I know it was a lot but I appreciate you being open to hear it! Even if they are a little embarrassed I think as they get older they’ll look back and feel nothing but grateful🤍 that’s AMAZING about the teacher- I had 3-4 really lovely highschool teachers whom I still keep in touch with now because they were always there for me. A good teacher can literally always change your life, and a good support system. Thanks again for listening- I hope this helped! Have a good rest of your day/night🤍

  37. Paper wasps!! My girlfriends favorite bug haha! Be kind to them and they’ll be kind to you. They are generally docile if left alone- I’ve never been stung or had a problem with them by simply avoiding them. The seasons are changing so they will die soon and if you feel so inclined you can remove them nest once they are gone!

  38. As a child (7-11) I struggled with this- grabbing people, poking, trying to bite friends. I learned to mimic the way NT people get others attention- I spent most of my childhood observing others to understand what is and what is not socially acceptable. Now as an adult I don’t thoughtlessly touch anyone or anything without asking👍🏼, I think age/development is definitely a factor and most likely the person themselves. This also seems like a very outdated textbook + feels insulting as some of the information stated is inaccurate and stereotypical. Hope that helps!

  39. Hi there! I have severe ocd- I am in a wonderful relationship with an amazing woman whom I love very much, rocd can be a bitch. It will try to convince you of things or tell you that “this is how things should be” etc regardless of the contents- sex, dates, how your partner (s) talk or do things, on and on and on- as well as where you should ACTUALLY be in life, what your missing out on in other relationships, blah blah blah blah blah. In treatment what I have learned is your brain is full of shit and though riding out the discomfort is not at all fun it’s worth it in the long run. I’m not sure if you are diagnosed or what your situation is entirely but I would suggest looking into exposure therapy if you have the time/funds to do so as well as maybe relationship therapy or counseling so you learn how to better yourself and effectively communicate within your relationship. You will always have thoughts of that nature, they are simply thoughts👍🏼 I would focus on cultivating your own hobbies, life outside your relationship, etc and maybe look into some treatment when you have the time. I would also discuss your rocd and your experiences with your partner if you are comfortable, this was a turning point in my own relationship- talking about feelings is hard but very worth it and I’m sure you’ve had your own difficult conversations. 🌸Awaken into love is a FANTASTIC resource for ROCD specifically and they have online coaching options and TONS of free content so please go check them out. Best of luck for things to come friend! I promise all the trouble of treatment is worth it. 🤍🌅

  40. It’s always best to directly communicate and not insinuate things. For yourself and others sake please don’t expect them to know (this goes for everything not just equestrian stuff- relationships, friendships, coworkers, mutuals, people you ride with, your instructors, etc) . If you don’t like something, don’t feel comfortable, don’t understand, etc- just say it! No shame in that and its more efficient + effective.

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