1. Prolly gotta rent a small 25ft snake and send it through the tub drain. Either through the overflow or if you can take the trap off snake from there. If it's just the tub and not the toilets 25ft should be long enough.

  2. I can’t afford one or I would have just done that but thanks

  3. Loosen the nut on the p trap (have a bucket handy), loosen the clamp screws on the rubber boot, take the 90 out of the boot. If that ties into cast at that spot, chances are your clog is right there.

  4. Definitely ask. I have not had the pleasure of knowing parents well enough to drop my child off, however at her party we had some parents stay and some drop off whatever they were ok with we were happy to have as many people there to celebration with!

  5. Oh I totally understand your crazy's a thought...weaning your 2yr old would certainly reduce the strain on your body, your mind, and your couple time. By reducing the outpouring of breastmilk to two little ones, the 7mo. old will have more calories and may sleep for more consecutive hours at a time. One other option would be to hire a high school aged mother's helper to come for a couple of hours twice a week to fold laundry, load dishes, play with your toddlers, etc. That might free up some time to spend with your husband.

  6. I appreciate this thought. Thank you!! The second solution sounds a lot more feasible for a couple of hours. I wish I could wean her, I know I’m going to miss it and I don’t want to rush her. I have tried a few times to wean her with no luck, I know I shouldn’t but I give into her to avoid abrupt tantrums

  7. Are you a SAHM or work from home? The 5 y.o. is in kindergarten? Are the younger kids in daycare/preschool?

  8. I definitely like this idea. I am an employee that has to physically go to work 45-50 hours a week. They littlest ones are not in school, the 5 year old is in kindergarten. It’s definitely easier to get a sitter for the two babies and cheaper instead of all three so I definitely appreciate this because I definitely feel a lot of guilt calling off. I appreciate your input thank you

  9. As a parent of three at a young age, I don’t regret my children, but I definitely wish I would have waited a little longer and spent more time with my husband. Having kids is definitely life changing and once you make the choice you can’t go back. They deserve the best, and you have to be prepared to give up or accommodate things in your life for them.

  10. GMO is great especially in the raw cones do not recommend mixing with flavored wraps lol 😂

  11. This is so adorable I love it, and congratulations!! 🥳

  12. Read the previous posts OP posted somebody get that baby away from that man WTF

  13. There’s actually booby bottles that you can buy. Maybe that could help! Also make sure the nipples on the bottles are correct for her age too. If the flow is too fast/slow it will make your baby reject the bottle.

  14. I didn’t tag them because of the law. If it were up to me the laws would be amended to include Internet influencers having more restrictions regarding children. I tagged the police department in order to pressure the account to remove the video.

  15. You definitely did the right thing maybe even reporting too. Highly inappropriate for kids to be doing these things and none of these parents will take accountability. Just one of the many reasons children do not need social medias.

  16. When he plays with our children. Or he gets excited about something’s he’s passionate about like his games, or survivalist ideas.

  17. Always check with your local WIC Office if US based. They will provide you with your state laws! I had a job that would make me clock in and out for pumping breaks, and they would try to make me pump in the bathroom. I didn’t know any of this was illegal. In my state, they are required by law to allow paid breaks for pumping and I’m allowed up to 3 hours of an 8 hour work day to pump.

  18. I will tell you from my experience it’s hard, and you get a lot of looks and comments. Ultimately like most people are saying it is between you and your child. You two are the only ones who decide when it is time to stop. My 2 year old is just now finally starting to wean herself off of me, and my heart hurts a bit. I wanted so long for her to stop nursing and now I just want to go back to the beginning of it all again. Nursing a infant/toddler can be rough but it is what you make of it and what you want mama :) happy nursing

  19. I would highly recommended momcozy especially if your looking for something affordable. I feel it does a great job, I felt that once I started washing it that I had problems with suction. However I don’t think I let it dry enough. I still use it, I don’t think it has any difference in suction then any other pump. It’s chargeable not battery or plug operated. I in my personal experience have gotten the most milk out of my hands free compared to a wired or hand pump.

  20. I’m not ok. My heart hurts. My life is gray. I’m tired of being strong

  21. Nah it’s gotta be warm enough to boil em, if u can’t boil the egg are you a real woman

  22. Well yeah I mean to boil the egg within the normal time frame you need it to be boiled at 160 degrees for it to be done all the way, it would just be a low simmer for a long period of time probably a day

  23. Idk if I upvote this for you sharing this knowledge or downvote it because she is scum

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