1. Reminds me of’s “video game zoology”

  2. Because it’s mostly building GUIs and building GUIs is frustrating

  3. Why would you post something like this in your LinkedIn? It's meant to be a professional networking site, not a second Facebook.

  4. West Virginia, another "pro business" red state. They dominate the bottom rungs of most rankings like this.

  5. Is it before or after you adjust for the amount of methheads?

  6. GPT wouldn't make these kinds of mistakes. It sounds more like the output of a rewrite software / article spinner. Bloggers use them to plagiarize without being penalized by search engines for duplicate content.

  7. Mythbusters did a bit testing these and found they actually spread germs a lot

  8. you might as well have a plague infested gibbon sneeze your hands dry

  9. I have this problem. I slur my words very badly and never knew it until I heard a recording of myself giving a presentation. The slurring was bad enough that I got docked points for "mocking individuals with Bell's Palsy"

  10. Either Virginia or Vermont, I forget. Both could actually be bad though lol

  11. I had a prof that said that. The rule holds sometimes, but he insisted on us refraining from “was” even when we needed to.

  12. Larry Miller was in the running to play George. It was between him and Jason Alexander. Alexander thought he only made it that far in auditions so they would have more bargaining power against Larry Miller since he and Jerry were good friends in real life, he figured it was a foregone conclusion.

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