1. I know the school of thought there has changed, so now you’re expected to put weight on it as soon as you’re able. but I had my surgery 11 weeks ago, and being brace free/walking/bending has all kinds of alarm bells going off in my brain. I would be so scared of tearing those stitches/reopening the incisions.

  2. Thanks for your comments about your experience with post meniscectomy as well. I had a meniscectomy on my lateral meniscus and debridement of my patellofemoral joint. I’m 8 weeks out and still struggling with full range of motion. It’s a lot better (I can now bend to about 110 but straightening has been tougher). Still having quite a bit of pain with too much walking as well. Seeing PT religiously, which has helped so much. Anyway, your post was reassuring. It’s nice to hear from someone that didn’t bounce back immediately. I’ve been feeling discouraged.

  3. I feel like it’s so easy to get discouraged, especially when all you want to do is get back to normal! As long as the doctor/PT isn’t concerned, I feel like you shouldn’t be, either :) it’ll get better with time and use— all part of the healing process. Keep your head up!! You can do it!!

  4. Bunk from the Wire. I could watch any scene he’s in on repeat.

  5. Cannot pay my bill. Just get a recording to pay online using your account number, I do not have mine. Have been paperless forever, anything that comes from Dish, I assume is just an ad and I throw it away. Full account number is not on emails.

  6. I just dealt with this as well because I couldn’t pay by phone (which I always do). They cut off my service without the 48 hour warning. I just paid online but it felt super sketchy since their system is down.

  7. Did it come back on? I am worried that I put cc info into that website, it doesn't say https: It kept kicking it out, I wonder if that was my card security, IDK.

  8. The credit card went through and my satellite is now working again so I assume it was legit but it was a little sketchy. The whole thing is weird because it feels like the information dish is putting out is inconsistent.

  9. Jagged Edge. It’s an 80s one and a little cheesy at times but it’s pretty good.

  10. I recently discovered the movie Player, which is a thriller where a murder case gradually unfolds amongst members of the Hollywood elite. It's a scathing critique of movie industry fame and prestige.

  11. Thank you for this recommendation. I just passed over this on a streaming service last night since I hadn’t heard of it before. I’ll check it out now. Thanks!

  12. Hi, so my wife and I have had Maisie since she was 2 months, and for the last couple of months, she's developed this bad habit that we don't know how to break. During walks, she loves to pick up twigs or chunks of mulch and chew them, forcing us to fish those pieces out of her mouth so she doesn't kill herself, and after doing that a couple of times, she'll get mad and start biting the leash, growling, jumping up on me and basically throwing a crazy dog tantrum, not listening to anything. Sometimes it doesn't even require digging in her mouth -- she'll throw a tantrum sometimes because I wouldn't let her walk in a direction she wanted to.       Sometimes, talking nicely to her will calm her down, but the moment she is prevented from doing something again, the tantrum starts up. It's incredibly frustrating and I end up losing my temper and yelling at her, which I know doesn't help. The tantrum usually stops the moment we get to the bottom of the front door stairs, like she's realized it didn't work. I'll bring her straight inside and put her in her crate because I can't deal.

  13. Hi, Such a cute dog. I would keep in mind that she is still very young. We have had 3 Goldens and our 2nd one was a VERY, VERY difficult. This was a shock after having such an east experience with our other pups. Tantrums were a common occurrence and were really difficult to handle. She would actually bite me during tantrums but was not an aggressive dog otherwise. I should add that biting was not done with malice or fear but more like a child throwing an extreme fit when she wouldn’t get her way. She was easier for my husband to handle so most of this happened with me. We thought She just needed more exercise, activity but this didn’t seem to make any difference. We ended up going to three trainers and the last one was a godsend. We learned that she was getting overexcited and needed more calming activities. She eventually got better and by 2 years she mellowed and has turned into a fantastic and sweet girl. We did get another golden when she was around 1 1/2 and this seemed to help as well. Bottom line, I really recommend meeting with a good dog trainer. One that specializes in behavior and one that doesn’t use punitive training approaches.

  14. My favorite part was watching Altman’s face through the whole thing. You could tell he just wanted to eat and go home.

  15. Chefs kiss to the most amazing dinner scene since the Alison Dubois debacle on rhobc. There was a whole lot of hangry going on. The bewildered look on Altman’s face throughout was perfection. I’ve always adored Flagg but his behavior has been off this season. I think probably too much imbibing. He seems pretty wasted most of the time.

  16. This neighborhood is going to be in MacDonald Highlands...

  17. They also seemed like really awful designs and quality the graphic models looked janky.

  18. I love this show but I’m having more difficulty every year with the ridiculous beauty standards for the ladies. I’m not trying to body shame but Heather’s alarmingly thin and Tracy taking weight loss drugs (monjaro or ozempic) when she’s already thin makes me sad.

  19. Yes. I really don’t mean to be critical of her but It’s just startling. It makes me sad to see these women do this to themselves. I wouldn’t survive a day in that world.

  20. I am so so sorry for your loss ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. Looks like Great Pyrenees or possibly Anatolian Shepard. Maybe a mix? Beautiful.

  22. It’s super annoying. It’s hard to figure out what’s even happening

  23. Somebody is real aggressive with the beep button tonight.

  24. Definitely when Ashton nearly drowned and had to be rescued. That was some ‘Deadliest Catch’ level shit.

  25. I think for my meniscectomy I was weight bearing within 12 hours with crutches, but I was 20 with a 60% removal. How much did they remove?

  26. Thanks so much for the response. I’m honestly not sure how much they removed. I couldn’t tell in the operative report and I don’t see the surgeon for another week. I’ve been doing better with weight bearing over the past couple of days so it seems to be improving now. Thanks again for the response.

  27. Im now at 2 weeks post surgery. I was in pretty bad pain for about 8 days. Then on the 9th day I developed a weird bruise on my calf, then noticed on day 10 that everything was feeling increasingly better.

  28. Thank you so much for the reply. It’s really helpful to hear other’s experiences. I didn’t know if the debridement of the patrllofemoral joint might be what’s causing the issue since people seem to sail through meniscectomy. I think I’ll contact the surgeon this afternoon if I’m not trending better. Thanks again for your reply,

  29. I completely agree and that’s part of why people criticizing high achievement dad so much rubs me the wrong way.

  30. Yes, she’s likely “drunk”. Same thing happened to my golden. Terrified me. Turned out that the organic matter in the soil would get fermented at times ( I live in a very wet location) and our dog was attracted to it as a result. We took her the the ER the first time to get charcoal and they determined it was that. We watched her very closely in the yard after that and on the couple of occasions it happened again we gave her diluted hydrogen peroxide (as directed by our vet) to induce vomiting and it never happened again. She passed a couple years ago from cancer at 16.

  31. Birkenstocks are so nicely “seasoned” with that cork bed. These are my dog’s favorites as well 😊

  32. Sexual compatibility is important. Find a guy with a higher libido.

  33. Jon Hamm (in the early seasons of Mad Men) or Peter Krause (circa 2005 Six Feet Under).

  34. I TOTALLY agree. It’s clear that Suki is genuinely scared of him and backs off anytime he starts to escalate. She’s seemed frightened since the tell all last season when he got quite aggressive. I also agree that physically he gets in her space which adds to the fear. They need a male that he can’t push around.

  35. I completely agree. I actually think that Suki is genuinely scared of him and as a result goes along with whatever he says. I think this started at the tell all last season when he became very aggressive towards her (I can’t remember the context).

  36. 1: Here’s some money so you’ll keep doing this job for us.

  37. Thank you very much for the excellent summary. I’ve always been perplexed by money laundering and this was a great description. Thanks!

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