1. I want to say how much respect I have for you even on a “healthy” day. Being a single parent is extraordinary work. To say you are a strong individual is an understatement. I’ve got 3. A spouse. I struggle w guilt, too, as I need to use the screen more than I like to just to x y or z done. Look at like this… you are teaching your child that you are human, valued too, and that he/she is also valued in your relationship. They will see this as something that feels good no matter how bad you feel. In the mean time.. lean into all the tools you have so that YOU can feel better. You got this… so hope you feel better soon. This is temporary ♥️

  2. i would do a throat swab before your nose swab. at the beginning, i was getting a positive result much faster with the throat swab sample than just the nose sample.

  3. just don’t eat or drink or smoke 15/20 mins before you do the throat swab

  4. Lol Imgur screws the quality up. I swear there are faint lines but I digress…

  5. ** edited to add that Imgur really screwed up the quality. I’m attaching another one below!

  6. Hi! Solidarity as we are right there with you. 6yo, yo, and 8 month old. We have been sick since September…almost constantly. It’s definitely the school germs probably coupled with the fact that we’ve all been distanced for the past two years so it’s like an avalanche of germs all at once. The ER doc (on one of our several trips this past year) said the 0-4 yo are getting hit particularly hard because they’ve had low exposure to all the normal pathogens. It’s been really rough for us, too so you’re not alone! The eye crust! It’s been a constant in all of us (including my husband and I) since Jan. What the heck! I hope you guys start to feel better soon and get a break between illnesses 🙏

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