1. Again. To get the cops to talk to me again. What you all have missed though was when I agreed to have the face to face with James that he had threatened to force upon me on his next trip to Michigan whether I liked it or not. I agreed, so long as i had someone there. After that bullshit polygraph, I'll never be caught alone with Baysinger again. My friend proceeded to call James, and James was NOT happy. So much so that he flexed with the low key threat of, "well if Ashley wants a mediator" (apologies, I don't recall his EXACT words) then we could just "drive to the sheriff's dept" and I can speak with an officer. To they suggestion, my friend and i AGREED. Even said we'd met him there.

  2. Yes the anesthesia and they gave him another sedative to help him not freak out coming out of it with me not there. I was super nervous too. But he's not snoring, he's eating better, sleeping more and talking more. Best of luck for your little one!

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your comments. How is your son doing?? My son had his shrunken yesterday and is home doing well. Did your son experience increased congestion and coughing post procedure?

  4. My son had his removed not shrunk. But yes!pretty congestion and coughing after he had them removed. How is your son doing? How are you doing? I was a mess the day of and a few days after.

  5. Ah thank you so for your replies! I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have these brief internet chats with you. Okay, that makes me feel good that’s it’s al part of it! Did you gently suction or saline his nose? I have a call into the doctor asking but I’m scared to mess around with his nose! And thank you for checking on me… yesterday was full of adrenaline and stress. The nurses held me together haha. Today I’m pretty tired and almost feel hungover and stressed. My son is running around yelling as we speak so it feels so good. When did your son stop snoring and seeking eating better? Was it a couple of days after the congestion and coughing passed through? Thank you again ♥️♥️♥️

  6. You are the furthest thing from a “bad” mom. You sound like an incredible mom. You are meeting your child’s needs and my god, you are amazing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bed sharing so as long as you are following the Safe Sleep 7. Bed sharing is biologically normal, my friend. As someone above so eloquently stated, yes your sister in law needs to mind her own business.

  7. We all have covid at the moment. Both my kids started with high fever, lasted 2 days of high, and going on 4 with low grade, they had chills, vomiting, upset stomach and body aches. NOT FUN.

  8. Oh I’m so sorry. I hope you guys are all at the tail end of it soon. How soon into symptoms did they/you test positive?

  9. Thank you. Our 5 year old contacted it and her symptoms started Friday, then our son and my husband and I all got whacked with the symptoms Tuesday, and we took our test yesterday. We didn’t even test the kids because we know they have it if my husband and I tested positive. Also my husband and I had the same symptoms as the kids except for the vomiting. Not going to lie, it wasn’t a walk in the park and it was pretty awful. If your daughter already had covid, maybe it’s influenza or another nasty bug going around? My daughter had a virus 2 months ago with fever and vomiting but compared to this it was not as bad. When your daughter had omicron, what were her symptoms? I hope she feels better soon.

  10. Oh my goodness that just sounds so awful. Getting “whacked” is such a great way to describe what it feels like to get slammed with it. And so hard when you and your partner are sick, on top of the kids. I feel you. When we first had omicron it was a bad bad sinus cold, sore throat from hell , and we all had super gunky eyes (like pink eye). They had temps but no higher than 101 for a couple of days. This was back in January so I I don’t know what to expect this time around! Always the game of “is it or isn’t it”? How are you guys doing today?

  11. I AM GOING THROUGH THIS ! I just looked up Infant congestion, because I am at a dead-end. There is not left it seems… my baby is 5 months today, he is now refusing his bottle, he luckily will take purées, ( I am assuming because he can breathe while eating )… we have tried Vapor ( 64% humidity in the house currently… Vicks, cough stuff ( obviously safe… either mommy’s bliss, zarbees, or hyland), saline 3x a day mixed with boogie sucking…. Via me… YES we get in there… i mean this is 5 months and he’s cleared EVERY exam, ENT, Allergy… idk where to go from here

  12. I am so sorry you are going through this. I was determined to get the root cause of my son’s issues and stumbled across the Reflux Lady

  13. I hate to be that person, but I don't think it's the same fabric. It looks like the one in the nursing photo is more of a polka-dot pattern. This zoomed screenshot makes the pattern look more fussy. The dress hem looks more like a paisley based pattern.

  14. I think it’s actually the same pattern! Kickee pant Jammie’s all have the dots on the soles of the feet (for a walking bb or not :) m Source: I have those Jammie’s for my kids if that’s the case

  15. I want to say how much respect I have for you even on a “healthy” day. Being a single parent is extraordinary work. To say you are a strong individual is an understatement. I’ve got 3. A spouse. I struggle w guilt, too, as I need to use the screen more than I like to just to x y or z done. Look at like this… you are teaching your child that you are human, valued too, and that he/she is also valued in your relationship. They will see this as something that feels good no matter how bad you feel. In the mean time.. lean into all the tools you have so that YOU can feel better. You got this… so hope you feel better soon. This is temporary ♥️

  16. i would do a throat swab before your nose swab. at the beginning, i was getting a positive result much faster with the throat swab sample than just the nose sample.

  17. just don’t eat or drink or smoke 15/20 mins before you do the throat swab

  18. Lol Imgur screws the quality up. I swear there are faint lines but I digress…

  19. ** edited to add that Imgur really screwed up the quality. I’m attaching another one below!

  20. Hi! Solidarity as we are right there with you. 6yo, yo, and 8 month old. We have been sick since September…almost constantly. It’s definitely the school germs probably coupled with the fact that we’ve all been distanced for the past two years so it’s like an avalanche of germs all at once. The ER doc (on one of our several trips this past year) said the 0-4 yo are getting hit particularly hard because they’ve had low exposure to all the normal pathogens. It’s been really rough for us, too so you’re not alone! The eye crust! It’s been a constant in all of us (including my husband and I) since Jan. What the heck! I hope you guys start to feel better soon and get a break between illnesses 🙏

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