Meghan’s Snobby Attitude

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  1. They won't be at the funeral, if they come over, Prince George maybe as he is heir.

  2. I've tried reading the Spotify transcript, it is hard work.

  3. Ermmm, she's showing tan lines? Or is it me?

  4. Last weekend, I got told to fuck off and called a bitch, this weekend the same patient was perfectly fine, I've had drinks thrown at me and patients trying to kick off, mental health ward.

  5. Ohhh the fake tan hasn't quite got to everywhere.

  6. My English Grandmother’s always referred to changing the babies “nappy” = diaper

  7. I'm English, a nappy is just what we use on baby, a diaper in the USA, what is wrong with that?

  8. Lebo M was there and he did chat with them, but he's not down as a cast member.

  9. He was the only South African, so he'll have to confirm or deny whether he said it.

  10. She's got to be on about what Pharell said surely?? And he didn't even say anything about Nelson Mandela??

  11. I've looked on Spotify and I can not see the podcast with Marie anywhere in the top 200 episodes.

  12. I give up, the account I've posted about is not pro Meghan?

  13. Validating the source and increasing the likelihood of more Rachel articles and posts. Screen grab or alternatives are far more effective. Unless you’d like to increase Rachel’s platform. Thanks for that 😃

  14. When will we see the spotify lists change? Last weeks one appeared quickly didn't it?

  15. I believe she's trying to overshadow Princess Diana's anniversary

  16. She's getting hammered for it, and rightly so.

  17. First of all - Stop panicking. This is being listened to so much because it’s new, Spotify is pushing it and the bad reviews are driving people to hear for themselves the lying. Which is good. More listeners, more bad reviews, more exposure of the untruths.

  18. I prefer Campus to hospital, I like the more relaxed feel about it and I like the break you get, I also really like the more detailed information about the students, although I've only just worked out some of it.

  19. Well done!! My son also got his results today and he's done really well too!! He's not going Nandos though for their offer as will be packed.

  20. That's what she called a housing unit?? If William or Kate had have said this there would be outrage, so why not with her?

  21. I am reading this interest, I've just started this one, and I'm already in the red lol.

  22. Wall to wall coverage ha ha ha ha ha ha

  23. I just started that level and yeah, for the first time I'm low on money and have students failing, whereas in the previous levels I could build whatever I wanted to (I mean, not buying up every plot but like, I could build as and when I needed and make huge rooms with every item). In this level I'm suddenly waiting for the next month hoping I will get enough money to build a 2x3 toilet.

  24. I'm just wondering if I should just have the basics, toilet, dorm, lectern, first aid room, library? Then have what they ask for? I have no idea ha ha

  25. Research more money, it’s a life saver early on.

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