1. All I can say is I have no respect for people in Kentucky that would dimwit vote for this asshole just because of the [R].

  2. I liked the brass horns in the 1969-70 Vegas rehearsal scene.

  3. I think Ohio governor Mike DeWine is holding hands with Ron and waving "Hello!" with his other hand.

  4. We joke. We shouldn't . Because this is serious shit that affects hundreds of thousand of people that don't understand what they are voting for.

  5. We DO need to push the narrative that Rhonda Santis was paying the mole to give the info on trump.

  6. Thank you! I stole it from a fellow Redditor that I would be happy to credit if I could remember who the fuck it was.

  7. Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda, help me Rhonda please*, GET HIM OUTTA MY STATE... DOH doh doh. doh doh do doh doh doo doo......*

  8. Yeah, that sincere young man was having a great life that he could barely understand, but he knew it was great.

  9. This was actually August 27, 1964. More details here:

  10. Thank you friend. I'm still learning the wondrous details.

  11. It's been 19 months since he was president and he's holding rallies every week and teasing that he's running again smart ass.

  12. I wouldn't say the want to burn it all down. They just care more about grifting as muuch out of it as they can and don't care if everything burns down while they are doind their grifting.

  13. Sickening. And so shocking to me the number of people that close their eyes to his dirty ways.

  14. This small concrete business owner Jake I knew personally.

  15. I think that was a female undercover CIA agent who's journalist husband wrote an article they didn't like and doxxing her put her life in jeopardy.

  16. Mercer was co CEO of RT. He was asked to leave because of his politics. He stepped down but negotiated being able to stay on. He had to give up his $10 million share of Breitbart… so he passed it to his daughter. He was also required to distance from Bannon.

  17. Yeah that’s correct! Last one was Polk salad Annie!

  18. She doesn't look like a mean, viscous, straight razor toting woman.

  19. so conservatives now need their own dating site? I think it was remarkable that something so simple and elemental as dating and relationships, that conservatives should be so reliant for so many years, on what the main stream of society does yet to provide a safe functional environment for people to live in, and that includes dating and relationships.Who what I'm trying to say is they can't even do this by themselves, and watch when they launch this thing, watch it fail. Time will show us they can't even run a dating app. They can't run a social media app. And they certainly cannot run the United States government, they tried and failed.

  20. Didn't someone try this a few years ago? I have a vague memory of reading about a site like that that shut down by itself because there just weren't enough women signing up.

  21. There are not many attractive women that are attracted to MAGA guys.

  22. Why didn't Trump's Attorney Generals Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr investigate and charge any of the characters in this cartoon?

  23. The orange douche nozzle just inadvertently admitted his own guilt by saying this twisted nonsense.

  24. They post something outrageous and violent posing as a liberal, take a screen shot, and then post that screenshot in their conservative forums to create rage with a false flag.

  25. Because Republican voters are the problem.

  26. DeSantis is the "legal advisor" to a seal team? Since when?

  27. How many former cia/fbi directors or other high level retired types work for msn/msnbc/cnn?

  28. Its the definition of “State Media.” They’re lying propagandists told exactly what to say often word for word by fascists and their network of heavyweight capitalist cronies.

  29. When TFM lied about former president Obama, he inadvertently admitted to breaking federal laws.

  30. Why? Because for once in his life Dick Cheney is telling the truth about something that the Republicans don't like to hear?

  31. I think the Saudis may have played Trump. Biden had that meeting with them in July. He could have made a deal with them to help in the investigation.

  32. OK but I don't believe Biden will have stolen nuclear secrets stored at his house.

  33. It’s actual news until after 7pm. The ghouls of fox come out after sundown

  34. My point is you are equating a 1791 musket as a weapon of war as simple as it being no different than an AR15 as a weapon of war 231 years later because the 2nd Amendment meant the same thing.

  35. The problem is you’re talking about a man that was so stupid that when the pandemic happened, he decided he wanted to use it to his political advantage.

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