1. I love how Wonderman is set to start filming in a couple months and we don’t have an official confirmation, release date, and we know next to nothing about this series. It’s great.

  2. I hate seeing others live out MY dreams man 😔

  3. I know right? I fucking love wonderman

  4. At least people fuck cancer. TikTok is a virgin

  5. Especially when you watch Palpatines speech

  6. Still not quite as good as Hux’s TFA speech in German.

  7. I personally hope they make a Justice figure

  8. Btas, EMH, JLU, JL, Spectacular, Teen titans, X-men, Avengers Assemble

  9. In his mind: fuck, they weren’t supposed to go yet!

  10. Oh well, time for Spider-Man to be a badass in every book except his own

  11. In Russia it’s more like “suicide”

  12. Feels weird seeing it at normal speed and not hearing ballin

  13. I’ve never heard of that, but in America, we have the term “spilling the beans”

  14. We’re gonna need a bigger shovel

  15. This is completely unrelated, but lobo’s face confuses me. So his “mustache”, has the same texture and look as the tattoos/markings on his face. So, is the mustache a tattoo, or are the markings facial hair?

  16. Definitely, his music isn't as "fun" as his old stuff but lyrics wise it's still insane.

  17. The fact that he beat his own record for words in a second. I think it was like ten per second, and he went on for 30 seconds. That’s crazy for a, at the time, 47 year old

  18. Idk why, but that fact that they put (Jewish) right after Bendis’s answer is funny as hell

  19. ScreenRant try not to be awful journalists challenge (impossible)

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