r/Superstonk users after their "DD" doesn't pan out..

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Wheres all the money Larry??? Blackrock has no clothes and worked with the FED to save each other In March of 2020.

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  1. How else do people know it’s debunked if it just disappears without them having them seen the “debunked” banner?

  2. It takes the mods time to get to stuff and debunk it, by which point the 'knowledge' has already spread.

  3. And this here is the problem with this sub. Loads of people repeating words they've seen posted before as fact but completely wrong. These are actual trades that have happened.

  4. It doesn't exactly go anywhere. Think of it like the market cap of a company, share price Vs number outstanding. When the price falls, the money didn't exist in real terms but the calculated value of the company has fallen and money has in essence disappeared.

  5. The difference though is that he didn't post it here, he posted it on twitter. People chose to share that here.

  6. If you make 1 more comment on there you'll get a message from the automod about changing it.

  7. I got it open on my phone. Next to where the web3 is coming soon bit there are some logos, IMX, LRC, GME NFT and a couple of others which I didn't recognise. Anyone know what they are?

  8. 0x and Uniswap -- both most likely to add liquidity to the marketplace + redundancy

  9. It said current account balance changes as one of the things listed so it's quite clearly bullshit.

  10. Yeah that's literally the only thing they said in earnings, the drop can't be related to anything else like poor passenger numbers or turnover.

  11. 100% this. Posts of the market functioning as it should with hundreds of cRiMe comments under it also doesn't help to encourage outsiders to jump in.

  12. Aren't Uber earnings this week too? Might be pricing in their earnings being poor too if Lyft are struggling with passenger numbers.

  13. It trades on the Frankfurt exchange before PM opens.

  14. My uneducated theory is they did this to see just how many margin calls would be triggered if global indexes were to drop 10%, might be total bullshit but seems plausible?

  15. Who would "they" be in this scenario? I can't see how any party who would want to see the number of margin calls would have any visibility to the calls going out in any case tbh.

  16. Market cap is currently 9.5 so raising 13B would be a stretch...

  17. That's the lenders recalling their shares rather than company initiated. It could still have entirely the same result though, someone like BR with a large number of shares on loan recalling to receive their dividend would certainly be fun to watch.

  18. Would the 'announced date' say, the next general meeting, be the cut-off date?

  19. It's not completely instant, but if you're looking to transfer out of etoro and then quickly into IBKR then get an etoro money account. They'll send you a card though and withdrawals are virtually instant, it's just the wait then to clear into IBKR and you can buy again.

  20. Feel like all these posts are bs. Only time I saw it matter is when FINTEL STARTED RISING. Still sitting at 5.5%.

  21. Just to join the dots, Fintel is the IBKR rate but yeah I'm the same, I watch that rate and won't get excited until it hits much bigger numbers.

  22. Israel aren't just gonna shun the US like that, given the defense ties etc that are also well established.

  23. Correct, thread above is not fud but more user error / miscommunication. A lot of the comments in said thread, however were pretty hostile. Could of OP been more delicate and tactful?

  24. Having not seen the thread I'm a little bit guessing, but given they've seemingly waited ages for multiple codes to be sent though and not appeared I can understand why they'd be aggrieved, but the second photo is entirely what we should be doing as a community. Not just screaming fud, but actively helping with something the OP clearly didn't know was a possibility.

  25. Correction ... they suspended trades to prevent the default... they are babies. But can't hide forever.

  26. Whilst they're suspended because of the default, the suspension isn't correlated to the default. They are defaulting on their bonds, the suspension of the stock is to protect the market and fallout of probable bankruptcy, it doesn't alter the fact that they've missed deadlines for debt repayment.

  27. Do you know who Ortex uses in their data set to calculate their average? My thought is that including that number in your average calculation may skew the data of your average. (e.g. if they also include IBKR who are lower than the average then using them in your count and also in the Ortex average then they are double counted in the overall average dragging it down).

  28. 100% My average is not aligned with the true average. I'm not sure how to figure that out.

  29. Tbh I don't think we have access to enough of the data to ever get it aligned really, they have access to lending pools that are invisible to retail so at best it's only ever going to be a partial number. It's a shame Ortex don't display the whole list of lender rates they can see.

  30. Blackrocks stock price has literally 0 relation to what money they have invested where.

  31. Nope, I'm just pointing out you keep posting absolute nonsense.

  32. currently updated to "on fire, sinking"

  33. Before it got changed back to active, it also had "converted to submarine"

  34. How can you possibly say they were the only legit trades printing on the lit market? That's pure conjecture presented as fact.

  35. did you go look at the data in my other post where i showed how i got to that conclusion?

  36. Tradingview is using just one data source, not every exchange. Your screenshot has that 100k being something like 10% of the daily volume whereas the volume across all exchanges was 15M that day.

  37. First stock ever to not announce a split and yet have people screaming all over the internet about the price impact of it.

  38. But they didn't announce a dividend. They announced an intention to offer one after the AGM if they increase the number of outstanding shares allowed. This will probably rumble on for a couple more months yet so set some price alerts and take a step back.

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