1. Make sure you dont go to heavy on the bullets. I was using mil spec 190 something grain ammo and it would lock my gun up something terrible. I have no clue why. Commercial and mil spec 308/762 both work fine in my imbel build. If I was you I would go with the imbel build over the L1A1. The L1A1 in an inch pattern build and uses different, much more expensive and rare magazines.

  2. Hsgi tacos, esstac 308 kiwi. My favorite so far has been LBT double 762 pouches.

  3. I believe the Star PD would be considered more of a copy. I had a PD, buddy had a BM that was purchased at Wal-Mart. How times have changed.

  4. The lack of a grip safety makes the BM feel more like a loose interpretation. Like a stratocaster with different pickups or something.

  5. The A1 or A2 is my favorite version of the M16/AR-15/M4. I love integrated carry handles. I like how high the optics mounts are for them. With the introduction of risers m4 boys are shooting with a higher and higher cheeck weld. I want an old colt civilian m16A1 clone more than I want any other rifle. And I would trust my life to it no question.

  6. This is everything I want in a knife. That looks like the perfect size. Screenshoting this for later

  7. The question is, did you have to buy second hand underpants to afford the rifle?

  8. I saw the first picture and thought that was your final product. I was about to say you did that like shit. Haha looks good though

  9. Yes, buy singles. Use other cards instead of the expensive mythics. You can get the unique conspiracy stuff--draft matters, multi-player matters--for pennies. Fill out the set with whatever you like.

  10. I hadn't realized that all of the cards that specifically mentioned drafting or multi players would be so damn cheap. Thank you for the ideas. I'll more thoroughly look at this tomorrow

  11. I see daddy long neck from Instagram has finally gotten an SKS

  12. I didn't date a woman under 200 for my whole life until my wife. Can attest. They are also very nice. Parents love them

  13. ^This is right OP. As bad as it sucks, Mavs are made with a few different odds and ends, (in this case your forward action arms) then the more "high end" Mossbergs. I originally got my 88 just because of how affordable it was, but throughout the years I've just had to swallow the repair costs/pain of replacing those forward action arms, due to a cracked mounting point in the pump arm itself. Had to replace the whole shebang, and I could only get the factory ribbed forearm, to boot. Still, I do love my loose old Mav88.

  14. Oof. That's wack. At least I got a cheap trash blaster then 🥲.

  15. I'm going to do what he did in that video, with locktite and esstac instead of spankers

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