1. It's really hard to think about, I get it. I sort of think of myself as a steward, or a temporary caregiver for my pets. The reality is, we don't get to keep them forever. They stay for a short time (a very short time in the grand scheme of things) to experience life on earth with us. That's the gift, short and fleeting. It can be heartbreaking too. The good things always are.. it's how we grow. There is no love more pure than a dog's, i think. It doesn't just go away when life ends.

  2. I hope you write for a living. Or at least are a therapist. I wasn't expecting to have a nice cry with my coffee but here we are ❤️

  3. It took me a few episodes to realize it. Also, his wife Anita Dyck is Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead.

  4. WHAT! I was trying to figure out what I knew her from

  5. I was disappointed at first when I subbed to her OF and there's no explicit content - but I keep subscribing because her outfits are incredible

  6. Always the same word salad title too

  7. I had no idea X-wings had AI and I’ve been a fan all my life

  8. same, I thought that's what the R2 units were for? Hmm

  9. No. Buds come from female plants. Pollen comes from males.

  10. Plenty of kids still know that intimately in half the US lol

  11. It's true. I grew up in LA. I live in North Carolina now. It's very, very weird visiting California, especially where all my family now lives, in the bay area. Dispensaries for weed, churches for shrooms... (I can't wait to move back to the state)

  12. They’ve done interviews without them also

  13. This comment chain is full of dorks who don't appreciate the fun of the Daft Punk helmets. There's a whole story about them becoming robots in 1999 that explains it all... It's not meant to be serious. Sheesh.

  14. No one's mentioned "fun", except you. We are all commenting on the stupid "first time without madk" BS.

  15. Your comments are all so terribly negative... I hope you find some happiness in your life.

  16. Twice. He has Two Death Stars painted on his fuselage in the Rogue Squadron novels IIRC

  17. Oh yes. Usually accompanied by lots of big dramatic sighs, or whines, as of he has the toughest life on earth.

  18. Oh good... glad I'm not the only one that gets an irritated sigh or groan if I have the audacity to sit on the couch next to them.

  19. The best response of course is giving them a insufferably big hug

  20. Yep, totally agree. Shoresy is the spinoff they needed imo, that feels fresh and newly hilarious again. Similar tropes, but not just repeating the same Letterkenny bits.

  21. Wait -- what is this ALPHA 9 alias?!

  22. open door. spray in face with water bottle. close door.

  23. Canned air, straw under door, coupla toots, and the cat won't be back for AT LEAST twelve minutes

  24. God damn, you look like a total badass! I'm in love 😍

  25. I had no idea these 3 made a podcast. Wish a guest was ballsy enough to ask Danielle about her husband's Cinnamon Toast Shrimp thing.

  26. lol yeah I think they had a little too high expectations of the audience to know about the industrial plants in Indonesia

  27. The Indonesian military officer deliberately tells the Indonesian scientist that the dead infected woman is from a flour plant. And that something like 14 total people were killed by the military when they responded to the incident, but are unaware of what happened with patient 0, the person who originally bit the woman who's body is now in the morgue and the scientist examines.

  28. So I'm supposed to connect the fact that Joel forgot to get a cake, to the fact that cakes are made of flour, to the fact that the cake he would have eaten would likely have come from Indonesia because Indonesia is apparently a big worldwide Flour exporter?

  29. My user name is my name. Add weight loss to the search query. It’s well documented.

  30. Dude, this troll is an absolute POS. Congrats on the amazing achievement.

  31. Thanks for the advice. Got family in San leandro, I'm there a lot, and am looking for a good parlor

  32. But they already flew directly towards the Death Star to get TO the trench in the first place. There's no reason to think that location would be any less fortified than the exhaust port considering the idea is that the Empire didn't know that the exhaust port was a weak spot.

  33. Maybe they did the direct flight towards the death star in an area that had much fewer defense guns, then drove along the surface to the trench.

  34. Oh, so you have no idea what you're talking about lol.

  35. I mean, having gone to college in L.A. and visited Universal on multiple occasions, I didn't realize it was such an exclusive jet setting crowd there. I guess I'm out of touch with the blue collar hoi polloi that constitute the bulk of the Doughboys audience?

  36. love dillon francis! I'm excited for the new Hanzel album this year

  37. If you didn't recover yet your dad must have been packing

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