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  1. Y and I both need a therapist...think I'll join u getting high as giraffe coochie,,,

  2. 925 eh I’m 510 let’s tag team some females

  3. I'm down af...I need to eat pussy when I'm spun

  4. I do....everytime I get spun, I have to eat some pussy. When u get spun what urges do u have???

  5. Your body got me feeling horny af. I'm in 925, 510 area.

  6. U are so pretty and have the most amazing eyes...their beautiful.

  7. your gonna be on "go time" for a "long time".

  8. Check out my profile for more

  9. my full attention. So what is it sweetheart?

  10. I know what I want for my birthday 😍😘

  11. I don't think so but I can give your ass workout from deep inside of it.

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