BEEP BEEP! The tour bus is here! Come, as I show you around Niagara Falls, New York! (OC)

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. So for the sake of privacy I'm going to keep this brief:

  2. Do you think maybe its just PTSD? Manifesting in strange ways?

  3. I’m lost u want us to put them in bandos??? They needa be sent back

  4. Bandos that they could renovate and turn into normal houses again.

  5. Maybe they can open a bunch of Mexican restaurants 🤷‍♂️

  6. This case was on America's Most Wanted back in the day. I remember when this happened.

  7. Sorry bro that’s not true. Vagos in 2017 had one, Hells Angels had one last year, LA Eme has had one last year, Sir Dyno from the Darkroom Familia Bay Area rap group was part of one in the early 2000’s with the Nuestra Familia, Aryan Brotherhood has had several over the years of members in California prisons. Members of ECC and 6 Pacc had one last year, Little Doc went down along with Uncle Bill. Broadway Gangster Crips had one in 2017. I worked in federal prisons for 16 years in California and now here in Indiana I did my last eight. There were plenty of California gang members from up and down the state in there for Rico. You have to start reading the United States Attorney Office Website This is a common thing. I think you’re expecting to see it in mainstream media. Sometimes they don’t report or only report locally.

  8. I guess I just don't understand how California gangs are still so big...

  9. Georgia is one of the states where I immediately think of hillbillies.

  10. Racism and that Snow on tha bluff movie lol

  11. Damn imagine being kidnapped, you can’t be gangsta nomore after that

  12. 🤣🤣 wild thing is it happened because the commission found out he plotted to wack all the other bosses and make himself the only boss.

  13. To be fair people copy bloods and crips all across America now. not just NYC

  14. Just so everyone knows I'm not trying to pretend I'm black I am a white boy.

  15. Look online for the term “Sundown Towns” and you’ll find them for every state. That’s the term for it

  16. shitting?😭its so hard for me to keep up with this new lingo

  17. It's means shes shitting on the competition even I know that.. lol

  18. When you accidentally rear-end somebody and a chimp gets out of the passenger seat 😳

  19. Nah man New York was way better when it was New Amsterdam you could run off into the woods with your friends, get kidnapped by natives, eat corn from the fields or whatever and your parents wouldn't care cause they probably both died in their 20's from small pox.

  20. Bow Wow 💀💀 I'm surprised dude ain't checked himself out the way people drag him. Poor guy...

  21. You need to establish your self as an artist as well as an author to sell one, so you should probably try to build a following first. Printing is very expensive and you’ll have a hard time convincing publishers it has market without one. Photography appeals to a wider audience than writing for sure, but most people consume it digitally. Alexey Titarenkos city of shadows sells because people know his photography but I’d be hard pressed to buy something by someone I’m unfamiliar with. It would have to grab my attention immediately and if your photos are like that, they’ll do great online.

  22. I'm not an author but my photos received 9.4 million views. So I'd say there's interest..

  23. You have to 100% be one of the niggas not from here tryna to learn the politics. I don’t understand it.

  24. Oh shit I was like why am I getting notifications right now I didn't make this thread.

  25. I cant stand all this "daddy" and "step sister" bullshit they keep producing.

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