1. Ok but we're not talking about cost we're talking about lethality. The F22 has never been in a conflict with other fighters because we haven't had a war like that in a long time. The F22 in theory could easily take out the f15

  2. Didn't it lose against the french Rafale a few times? I understand its put at a artificial disadvantage in those cases aswell but still

  3. This is a normal thing that happens in literally every game in existence. The reason in this case it's so noticeable is that Tarkov pushes the characters gun up so far. In other games the animations aren't synced either but they aren't so obviously out of sync.

  4. Its not normal, tarkovs servers are cheap shite. I remember battlefield 4 having similar issues in the beginning but then they upgraded to 60 and 120hz servers and all the issues vanished. Those 120hz servers were some of the best around

  5. Bro were talking about like a 150ms desync in an animation. It really doesn't matter.

  6. Its way more than that. Its the difference between being shot while already behind cover or not

  7. “Sure it matters who has the biggest stick, but it matters a heck of a lot more who’s swinging it”

  8. Man a shit load of drag racing records are set on modified harleys

  9. Nah i understood the buell thing. I could've replied to someone else here but i chose your comment :)

  10. That one is a bit awkward because its too limiting with so many 1 slots, and it also takes up alot of space so its hard to tetris with it

  11. bro clean yo damn bike or im calling the cops. This is abuse

  12. If we're looking at actual capable tanks that aren't freaking Ancient, then poland would be pretty fucking high up on this list with all the mbts they bought last 4 years

  13. I killed an innocent player scav because it was dark, and he moved around fishy and didn't respond to my voice lines. I even tried VoIP, but nothing, so I just assumed he was a pmc... sadge.

  14. Was this on interchange yesterday? Some asshole scav player shot me and i even voicelined back to him, didn't hear any voip tho

  15. Issue #1: Streamer needs to check their ego and stop begging BSG to ban people that kill him.

  16. Got blown up one too many times I guess. Does stuff to your head :D

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