1. I'm against fake rattlecan patina. Gotta earn it.

  2. I'd have more respect if someone dragged their rifle behind their truck on a gravel road for a few miles than faux "Battle Worn" garbage.

  3. I didn’t know you could play a chimichanga

  4. mustachio'd brodie in the back, vibing tf out. Whatever those are, I got dibs on those. Chamambas

  5. I know, when i said "they" i was referring to anti gunners who actually use that argument

  6. Estwig makes an $11 prybar that's pretty handy.

  7. I just carry a Gerber shard on my keychain

  8. JB Weld that Gerber shard to a piece of rebar and you got a stew going.

  9. we should be on this to help with begenners with they first buildAR big time project. Because the last thing we should be doing is spreading disinformation to help others with their buildAR.


  11. Haters gonna hate. Traitors gonna trait.

  12. Olyte and M67 fragmentation grenade tickled me pretty good

  13. If it works, it is assembled. If it doesn't work, it is a build.


  15. Even then, I would only call that customized at best.

  16. what if I lost the trigger retaining pin, chopped down a T8 Torx key, sanded it real pretty then shoved it in the pin hole? I built this.

  17. NFA sub did a ban on me for a meme that was too dank.

  18. my oven only goes to 170. I have baked Schmidt & Bender & ACOG in it. So, probably 170 for utg mag

  19. better tuck those 45 offset dots in, get your mag caught in a tripwire(doorway).

  20. Burt Gummer knew, and told, nothing but the truth.

  21. Burt Gummer needs to be nominated for Sainthood

  22. I've made eye contact with a boob before

  23. This guy is now our king.... All hail he who looked directly into a real magic mountain.

  24. that is a 3 pounds trigger. you can tell because it has 3 holes inside the body of it. Lever BAD.


  26. put him on a Rooftop and give he a SPR setup

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