1. Woah that would be nice I pay 200€ a month insurance alone for 180hp

  2. Wow a Basic (legally required) insurance on my A4 already cost that that is wild. Atleast in my skoda I get that price but fully insured

  3. While I do enjoy being able to afford these kinds of cars, the downside of this in the USA is that you have a huge number of people who roll in a 400 hp Mustang or Charger, or solo drive a massive SUV with a big V8 in it. Honestly, none of us really need that much power given our top speed limit is 75mph, so we're all just driving to work and the store in these gas guzzlers. I mean, none of my cars can break 20mpg (11.8 L/100km) at this I kind of get why the Europeans want to prevent that happening there.

  4. You're going to need a car. In NC you only need to be 21 to rent a car. Your main problem with leasing/purchasing is the registration. You need an NC drivers license to do so, but you can look into getting a temporary driving certificate using your license from the Netherlands.

  5. Then you definitely want to infuse like the other guys said. If you've got 1580 pinnacles saved up then go ahead and spend em on your IB loadout because this is basically all they are good for. Running 1540 in there right now is going to be a bit rough as most people are at or near the hard cap by now.

  6. Yea I can tell, I just started playing against this weekend, I’m off school for the week and figured I’d play it, I was like 1350 Until I went to the helm and got all the like 1540 stuff, not to sure on all the stuff on the game yet

  7. Ouch, I feel you. I struggle to enjoy IB and I'm maxed out on power level. I get my drops and get out of there so the try-hards can slaughter each other. Good luck to you.

  8. I'd go ahead and get witch queen - there's some good content and a decent campaign. There's not that much reason to get Lightfall right now if you're not sure. As far as getting back into it - I started with Haunted and got my bearing just fine, so I don't think you really have anything to worry about.

  9. Surprised I had to scroll so far to find this. Many guys - not all, granted - are just wired like this. We want to mate as often as possible, why wouldn't we at least fantasize about our female friends occasionally?

  10. I don't disagree with that, I've got several raid seals and such. My biggest issue is that it was grindy and then it was changed in the last 3 weeks of a season. Bungie should have picked a lane and stuck with it from the outset on this.

  11. I got the seal relatively early mostly as a consequence of just doing the daily bounties, but then again, I'm a bit of a try-hard who can devote several hours a day to playing. I remember a lot of players were frustrated with the grindy parts from the start, so changing it so late after those players put in the effort is definitely a bit of kick in the nuts for them.

  12. Lol, nice of the whole team to line up for you in the hallway. I can't think of a better scenario to have cerberus equipped.

  13. When I was Seventeen, by Frank Sinatra. It reminds me of this time I had some very good beer. Some very good beer that I purchased with a fake ID.

  14. Wow, neat! Stuff like this always makes me wonder: what are their stories, what happened to them? Imagine if you could track these people down - or more likely, their kids - how they would react to seeing these.

  15. My brother found the projector cleaning out an old house (Newtown CT) the dude lived there his whole life… There’s boxes of films. We’re nervous we’re gonna find some thing we were NOT meant to see.. lol

  16. I know a person that does this. Every car they have ever had since I knew them (20+) years was filled to the brim with trash and junk within weeks of being purchased. There was never any room for anyone but the driver. The thing is, they know it's strange, they know it's disgusting. They literally can't help themselves, it's like some kind of sickness.

  17. What is the main complaint, anyway? I've never really looked into it. Is it really getting matched with similarly skilled players? Someone mentioned the long queue times? If it's the queue times I can kind of understand the frustration. But, as a casual, who used to detest PvP, I finally enjoy Crucible because I'm actually able to get some kills in. Before, it was a hellscape. I hated it with a burning fiery passion.

  18. It's the fact that the skill based match making has made it less likely players on the higher end of the skill spectrum get dropped into matches with mobs of more average gamers that they can just treat like cannon fodder to pad out their k/d ratio. This is what was happening to you before - you were fodder being fed to some expert gamer who would helicopter around arenas he knew by heart, yawning as he easily dispatched the n00bs with his vex mythoclast with 15,987 crucible kills on it. This was taken from them, and they hate it because now they are in matches where everyone helicopters around and knows how to aim just as well as they do.

  19. Speaking of matchmaking in destiny, this seemed to be working better until recently - anyone had the same experience? I've recently started having match after match that was called early because of overwhelming skill differences, new teams made, and same thing again in the next round.

  20. Maybe feed them before trying to dress them ... so your hands won´t be eaten 😉

  21. My cat is like the poor guy in Seven, except that she'd eat until her stomach exploded even if Kevin Spacey wasn't threatening her.

  22. 😂😂😂 She must be quite a chunky cat then. She does leave you something to eat?

  23. I have to hide scraps and then eat them quietly in a sealed room when she's asleep. I get by, though.

  24. no offense but I have a hard time believing the doors are original, which would make them 1700 yrs old. the building has been through earthquakes, fires, and a lot of restoration.

  25. I did a holup when I read over 2000 years old. So, these were made before Jesus died, eh?

  26. Well, pretty close. They date back to the reign of the emperor Domitian (r.81-96) and were built for the Curia Julia (Senate House). They were moved in 1660.

  27. I actually had not considered the possibility that they built the church entrance around an existing set of doors. Interesting!

  28. I’m sweating just thinking about how long those matches used to be.

  29. I'm pretty new to Destiny. How long did they used to go? I've never even had one go to overtime, but to get 37 guardians....are we talking an hour a game?

  30. My main issue with them in PvP is their short lifespan. I find the storm and pulse nades super useful for area suppression, especially in control to keep opponents from capturing a zone, and flux just doesn't last long enough to do that well. They are better in elimination and rumble provided you have good aim.

  31. The first time I saw this happen was on the first day of one of the seasonal events, and so I legit thought it was intentional. Neat, we're all invisible for the next 20 days! I couldn't figure out why enemies could still see me.

  32. That’s not true, the perk pool was updated coming into the season, some perks were removed. Every random rolled perk is available for crafting on the current perk pool. Always is.

  33. Not sure what I'm missing here, but from what I can see Danger Zone is not available as a craftable perk for Pardon our Dust...

  34. Man, I want a job raising baby beavers but all I have is this useless doctorate in rocket surgery.

  35. someone plays too many video games where “shooting your way out of it” versus 4 cops actually works

  36. So you're telling me you don't just respawn in front of the hospital with a few hundred bucks less?

  37. My steam account is way to valuable to buy 3rd party keys.

  38. Understandable. From what I've read, cdkeys is legit and everything they sell is sold and obtained legally. They buy bundles and the like, then resell cheap and still make a profit. In many ways it's not much different than what Steam is doing - I mean, they are just reselling Bungie keys since Valve doesn't own Destiny. Ultimately, all of this is up to Bungie, and as we've seen, they can take content we paid for away whenever they like anyway. Still, I get the hesitancy to go 3rd party (4th, I guess, if you count steam).

  39. You can almost always get a better deal on these than you would on steam on

  40. Hehe, that's a good one. Mine is currently 5G Mind Control Tower, but I've got to remember this one the next time I set up a new router.

  41. I did em for the exotics and the triumphs. Sometimes I'll run one if there's a defeat so and so many champions challenge.

  42. Um, no. Not everyone in NC is a redneck; Virginia has rednecks. Shoot, every state has rednecks.

  43. Its a troll account, dont take it seriously.

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