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  1. You actually wrong. This is not amazing. THIS IS FCKING AWESOME!

  2. Under guard of 42, Along a secret avenue, Castel Saint’Angelo is waiting

  3. At older ones the FICSIT bcz it was built before update 5. At newer I use every foundation.

  4. I love it and suddenly want to make a doggo in spore now

  5. What are we supposed to be looking at?

  6. Now Christmas has arrived and the snow turns the ground white

  7. Hear carols from the tranches We sing the holy night

  8. I remembered one the stupidest automatic chat ban in another game. The dude I played with just wrote "что" ("what") and got banned.

  9. Well... actually this is total, not "partial".

  10. Reminds me typical Russian big city. Oh no: I remembered something really bad. It's called Кудрово (Kudrovo).

  11. It is not a political reason that your country decided to invade another and then you can't buy the game

  12. Then what is it called in English, to be correct?

  13. Hmm, you might be able to find something on BGG? Or gradually make up a list by looking at available photos of the game and gradually building up a list?

  14. Thank you for your help but it is not useful :(

  15. I use the red one on CQC maps, since camo doesn’t matter and the green one on maps with a lot of foliage.

  16. Моим глазкам очень больно не от бага, а от количества ярлыков на твоём рабочем столе. //ENG: What a mess! My eyes! Its so hurts! (Not by a bug but by the shortcuts count)

  17. ЧЕЛ! Вот уж не думал, что игры у нас всё ещё распространяются через Torrent. // ENG: Dude! Didn't know the games are still

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