1. I will never buy a vehicle where features are locked behind a subscription pay wall that’s just ridiculous. I understand having to pay more to get a vehicle with heated seats but if the car has them but you have to pay for them it’s just not gonna happen.

  2. It’s likely a pressure reducing valve attached to the new equipment.

  3. A friend of mine had a stroke after going to a chiropractor. These people aren’t fucking doctors, if you want science based physical medicine go to a physical therapist.

  4. Yeah I’m not going to buy an Xbox specifically for this game so I guess I’ll just not play it then.

  5. I really don’t care what the talking heads say, I like the deal and I think it is structured in a way that allows us to be able to make some moves and build a team around him. Look what he was able to do last year with no receivers and if we can get guys healthy and get a few new weapons this team can really go far.

  6. The faults and failures of the American political system are becoming more and more evident. An outspoken nationalist antisemite who two weeks ago was advocating a national divorce should not be a local council member let alone be given an honor like this. The Republican Party is truly lost.

  7. Idk I am on construction sites a ton and haul materials for both work and personal construction projects and it’s a lot easier with an F-150 than a Subaru.

  8. People are still playing that game? Dang I thought it was pretty dead on arrival.

  9. Yeah only the 1% golfs /s. Golf is a fun sport enjoyed by a very large and diverse group of people. and With all the things wrong in the world to focus on golf rather than actual billionaire things like mega yachts and tax avoidance is a bit silly.

  10. Civil Engineer, working from home helps and a municipal course 5 mins away is convenient.

  11. A little extra yardage is nice but newer irons may give you a little better consistency and control than older irons. I finally get new Mizuno jpx hot metal irons after playing 15 year old Adam’s idea irons and I got extra distance but I am much more consistent and can control it much better than I used to.

  12. I live in the woods on 3 acres and my house is private and cheaper than a 1 bedroom in the cities. It’s not for everyone but with work from home it’s becoming more common and honestly so worth it.

  13. Fable and Fable 2 were amazing. I got an Xbox 360 specifically for Fable 2. I’ve heard a new one is coming out but haven’t heard anything new in ages.

  14. Addiction may be a disease but David made choices that got him addicted and he has tortured your family for two decades. Stephan has the right to cut him out of his life. YTA

  15. Don’t go to the range go to the chipping and putting green. Yes hitting further and straighter will help you get to the green but 40 yards in is where over 60% of your strokes are. If you can improve that part of your game you will lower your score.

  16. The custody system in the US is fully broken, we have to stop just blindly giving kids to their mothers. It isn’t always what’s best for the kids and the courts can’t seem to understand that.

  17. They are looking for holes in our radar coverage, which having gotten all the way to the Great Lakes means we have some holes.

  18. I helped design this subdivision! Always cool to see it in use.

  19. No I worked for the Engineering firm CRE that worked on the project. Project sat for a while until DRB picked it up. Looks like it turned out pretty good.

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