1. He was back on Raw recently but I can't remember if he got physical

  2. RAW XXX? Like a lot of people he was just standing around during the mandatory poker bit

  3. AEW Women’s Division has turned into “let’s just beat the shit out of each other” division. Everyone wants in on it.

  4. Fuck are they making these tables out of nowadays?

  5. I'd rather the women have matches that can take place anywhere in the show and not a regular timeslot. Otherwise it can easily fall into the what used to be called "piss break" spot, which to a lot of people the 9:20 women's match seems to be.

  6. SmackDown has been a weak spot lately, but last weeks episode with all Tag Team Tournament matches still had Charlotte and Sonya featured, as well as Rumble build for Raquel and Zelina. Plus whatever weird bullshii Lacey Evans is doing these days.

  7. Not intending to sound like a dickhead here, but is Nia in any kind of shape to be back in ring? From what I remember her last few months in WWE weren't great in ring wise, and not just because of botches and that one fight with Charlotte.

  8. no a teeth collection is very nice very evil

  9. For how much hate people gave Total Divas/Bellas, I loved Bryan and Cena in them... The Deek? Comedy gold.

  10. Whaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuuuuuuuup Deke Stokes is in the hooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuse!

  11. They also haven’t overexposed them. They get to do their schtick but there’s also struggle to it, like them getting cut off by heel teams, having the couple of weeks where they weren’t allowed to say “scissor me daddy ass” or just having the odd back stage segment instead of every week being a Max Caster freestyle. There’s a fine balance between giving people what they want but also making people want the thing that they want and AEW/Acclaimed are nailing it right now.

  12. About the overexposing part, reading that made me realise they haven't done with The Acclaimed what they did with Lucha Bros and Jurassic Express where it felt like every few weeks they'd defend against any team at random. I just looked up those reigns on Cagematch to see who they defended against and for both there were a few defenses where it was so obvious either team were not losing. Late 2021 Butcher and Blade even late 2021 Acclaimed and early 2022 Dark Order, Gunn Club or Private Party had no chance at winning and from what I remember hadn't been featured on TV in however long but were suddenly getting matches. With The Acclaimed thus far, matches against Private Party and The Varsity Athletes fit that mould but at the very least the Athletes had a little build up before the match. Every other match has felt big time and to me that helps The Acclaimed stand out as Champions more, actually building up matches instead of "Hello champions next week on Rampage please?" to get their defenses number up.

  13. Darby can you use V4? I think it is of the TNT Title, the one with the diamonds on the center plate behind the TNT logo? Your one is V3 with nothing behind the TNT logo and it's a finger print magnet!

  14. The ROH audience and locker room were overjoyed when ROH took the belt off Elgin early to give Jay a real title run.

  15. Jay won in Elgin's hometown right? I remember thinking Elgin would be over massively and then he just wasn't.

  16. That sounds like something someone who steals protein powder would say.

  17. The NJPW show that happened after that story broke out was great. I'm sure the matches were fine but I mostly remember Kevin Kelly making as many jokes as he could about it on commentary 😂

  18. A part of me chooses to believe it's just a generic Texas bull skull. That's all.

  19. The Rock who hasn't wrestled a match in like years just for him to waltz in and win would be so WWE and I would absolutely hate it i expect it cause it's such a WWE thing to do.

  20. I hope that's the setup. Cody wins the Rumble, the following RAW he cuts one of his Cody promos about winning it. "Winning the Royal Rumble Match guarantees me a World Championship Match at WrestleMania. A, singular A World Championship Match, and while Roman you are recognised as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, those two titles are still separate, they are not one. Therefore I can only challenge for one. And the one I choose is the Championship I promised to my family, the WWE Championship!"

  21. Have you not been watching raw the past 6 months. It’s been nothing but alpha academy judgement day, Damage control, and street profits facing off with slight changes.

  22. If ol' Vince does get creative again, which please no but let's be honest here, I wonder what would happen if ratings, attendance and all the other things that went up when Papa Haitch was booking go down drastically. Surely a potential buyer would see that and think "Wait when he's not there, it's great and when he comes back it all slowly devolves into 💩? If we buy this do we need him?"

  23. Anytime someone says "They should end the brand split!!!" Direct them to AEW from the end of 2021 until now. Sure not every talent is being used currently on WWE but it's a hell of a lot better than if everyone was shared among RAW and SmackDown, like our friends over on TBS and TNT.

  24. So he’s Brick Tamland from “Anchorman” essentially?

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