What are some disadvantages of being a man?

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  1. I held out until the 6th gen Paperwhite, but it has been such a game changer for how when and where I can read since I got it a few years back.

  2. She's gorgeous, but insufferable. Like Amber Heard. I said what I said. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Ok? You made your way over to a Reddit page dedicated to her just to say that? For what?

  4. She's not gonna fuck you just because you white knight her. Just saying.

  5. I’ve never gone wrong with Anker battery packs.

  6. The first flowers I'll ever get will be at my funeral.

  7. And while we're at it, can we get some filters for the guys? It's like every filter is some chick makeup effect ffs. What are you even doing tiktok?

  8. I wish there was as a way to discard bags since I'm loaded up with 4 8hr bags in my strongest Stat and I'm totally stuck on a level that's all my weakest Stat. Up 30 down 50. Stuck in a loop all day.

  9. Actually, it would be the number of humans that have been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench on earth....

  10. Half the problem with fentanyl is that it tends to find itself and clump together when it's cut into something else.

  11. Hey man, I saved this comment earlier to post on my Snapchat but I also wanted to make sure it’s true. My dad is a chemist, (not a pharmacologist) but I showed him and he said he was gonna look into it because he was interested.

  12. Let me put it like this. Buy a box of cereal with little marshmallows in it like say, Lucky Charms. Dump about a quarter of the box out and then close it up and shake the hell out of it for 5-20 minutes. Get back to me on how evenly distributed the marshmallows are and the dusty bits of cereal and the rest of the cereal is. It's not some strange gravitational chemical paranormal phenomenon, it's just that say fentanyl and coke have different densities and composition in general. They're going to settle differently over time like a ziploc bag full of marbles and sand. Eventually, as you keep removing the aggregate of the bag, pure randomness is going to leave you with a lot more of one than the other. Sometimes more, sometimes less random. If you keep getting coke cut with fentanyl, eventually you're going to get one that's really hot with fentanyl as the bag winds down. That's just chance, hence why the Russian roulette metaphor.

  13. It would help to know which deck you're using, but I skew hard into the bog stardard Rider Waite and it's offspring. I've always read the card as "the refugees". It's a card that shows up for me often too and I tend to read it as a card of survival. Focusing on the immediate rather than a bigger picture. It tends to haunt me when I'm living in a scarcity mode rather than abundance, or as a warning that I'm focused on the wrong thing.

  14. To be fair, female land whales being told "yass queen!" with the whole body positivity thing has come to roost both ways. If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander. Equal rights and lefts. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Well that explains a lot. I was stuck on one/two levels yesterday all day long. Bought that useless Cheetah this morning and BAM! I've jumped ten levels. (Lost every race I used the cheetah in tho)

  16. It's too obvious when there's long stretches and a dude with the wrong item entirely passes you after a predictable "lag spike" in the last 50m.

  17. Despair was mostly an afterthought in the comics. She's mostly just there to yes man desire and never got fully fleshed out.

  18. He didn't say anything about despair being a main character. Despair is an important concept (and character) in the Sandman, and the article says she wasn't portrayed properly in the series, which is true.

  19. And what I'm saying is that it was hard enough in the books to give Despair much to do what with Dream himself being all dour and brooding most of the time. Hard for Despair to stand out when 3/4 of the characters are so emo to begin with. I mean we're talking about a series where the personification of Death is practically a ray of sunshine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. The comics/GN are great. The audio book is very good. The live action is also very good. There's no pleasing everyone.

  21. Leatherman has a pretty fantastic warranty service. They'll make it right, especially for models they still make.

  22. The S2r2 has its issues that irritate purists, but it's a pretty fantastic edc light all around.

  23. I love my surge as a "ready for anything" option. The alox Minichamp on my keys is my barebones option. The Compact is my "formal party" situation solution.

  24. I have a wuben g1 flashlight and an alox Minichamp on my Keychain with its own detachable clip. It's a bare minimum edc and acts as a fidget bergleri/flipper for me.

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