1. Get the gen 2 batteries as they are cheaper and the mini SE was designed to be used with them

  2. I have both. You won't regret buying the mini SE as it's a big upgrade

  3. i used to use the tello a lot but don't anymore because i have the mini se and the batteries for the tello only last about 4 minutes on a full charge now even though i took good care of them

  4. And can you tell me if the signal improves? After say 800 meters? Does it loose the feed or better? I’m on an island and flying around it gave me 600 meters of good stable flight. Anything beyond that makes it go flickering and ultimately looses connection and rth.

  5. The signal does improve a lot if there is nothing blocking the signal like a building. I can get around 3km in an urban area with these on

  6. Can you also share the link of the exact Yagi Boosters please? Or the name of the model? Thank you very much.

  7. It's a visual glitch, just close and reopen the app and the flower will be bloomed

  8. I have a pixel 6 and it works perfectly fine. I would assume that it would work fine on the pixel 7 as they're both running the same operating system


  10. Almost every service is a hcmt now, but I do still rarely see comengs and semens trains on the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines

  11. I've had one of my pikmins do that. What triggers it?

  12. About 20,000 was the most I got in 1 day. I got 16,000 today getting the 3 badges I couldn't get at the start of the year and getting the anniversary snack Pikmin.

  13. I just got some white camellias from a mushroom, so I assume there’ll be other ways of getting them

  14. I got red camellias from blooming a flower, so there definitely are other ways of getting them other than buying them

  15. Amaysim. $20 for 25 gb + any unused data goes to data bank which can be used when you run out of data on your plan

  16. I tried it once, nothing happened in game. It still showed the original step count

  17. They do work decently if you have a clear path between you and the drone but as soon as you go behind a tree or a building such as a house they are pretty much useless

  18. Make sure that you have a setting called VOLte turned on. You may also need to contact your carrier and get them to turn it on

  19. My carrier does not yet offer voice over LTE. So, is that the reason?

  20. The only button missing is the FN button and the speed switch

  21. I've got the 4 that are released already on mission 9 - no point continuing really, is there??

  22. The more the better for part 2 as the jack-o'-lantern pikmins do more damage to the Halloween mushrooms.

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