1. As much as you might not like the man, losing your mother, especially like this is a horrible thing.

  2. I’m in Ireland, did not get the email. I’ve only seen Italians say they got it so far

  3. Type in the name of the artist and #ticketfairy on Twitter right up until like an hour before the show starts. You’ll definitely get one that way

  4. Because young people in Ireland can’t afford houses, can’t afford cars and basically at the this stage can’t afford to live. Ireland is not a country for young people

  5. No. We don’t do it here. To us, working in the defence forces is pretty much just another job. Thanking them and giving them special treatment is seen as just an American thing

  6. I am not stressing anyone alot of people in NI would correct ya for saying "Ireland" which is the constitutional name for the ROI I dont go to Canada and call it "America " do i???

  7. Well Republic of Ireland is only the name of the football team. Nothing more

  8. You are from Northern Ireland yes but a lot of people up there will just call it Ireland. All I’m saying is that they’re tourists, if they say Ireland and not NI then it’s not a massive deal

  9. I never got this email, I’m in Ireland. Hopefully it doesn’t happen here

  10. Europe are an hour ahead (OP is in Italy) UK/Ireland might get theirs soon. I hope not.

  11. I’ll be cancelling my AEW Plus on FITE if we get that email anyway

  12. I did not receive this email and hopefully I don’t

  13. That 70k is probably mostly concentrated in a few urban areas as well, would explain OP's experience

  14. Yeah the CSO says 64% live in Dublin and the suburbs

  15. Here in Ireland, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) used to have very graphic ads (commercials) on tv to discourage drunk driving, breaking the speed limit, checking your phone and walking onto the road without looking. Basically all basic road safety stuff.

  16. And Palestinians have absolutely no reason to lie, right?

  17. As I said, I’m not trying to cause an argument here. I don’t care about Israel’s laws. All I’m saying is that it is a conflicting article. Laws are broken all the time and the company is obviously trying to save face so who knows what actually happened.

  18. It unlocks all current and future job packs. So actor, street hustler, astronaut, bus driver etc

  19. Yes. To unlock all current and future job packs it’s €10 for me

  20. The game overheats my phone a lot which causes it to go slow. Same thing with you?

  21. Has it not drowned out for you by now? I’m near there and the sound has just faded into the background over the years

  22. Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to serve in a military that’s not that of their own country. I see your reason listed and it’s a valid reason but I just can’t understand someone wanting to fight or stand under a foreign flag, no matter what country it is.

  23. It’s on some isn’t it? Zhou has Chinese on his halo (No idea what it says)

  24. He’s been at Lazio for 7 years. Has any other PL team come calling in that time for him?

  25. We’re linked with everybody haha, I meant anyone else?

  26. Let’s hope he has the financial backing to move up through the feeder series

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