1. Aren't married puts just an options strategy? You just buy puts for stocks that you hold as a downside protection.

  2. Soo your what your basically saying is its a put contract but I've covered it by having 100 shares of whatever company.

  3. Do people actually pay full price (more than £40) for games? In a few weeks it'll be on sale for £5.

  4. Genuinely the state of most modern Triple a games is they release as patch later the result a mostly shit experience that in the worst cases I've seen go to discount after just a few weeks.

  5. Out Hardening vstab and improved aiming on. With bio and dispersion reducing skills should play allot better

  6. Is the secret armour the Chobham stuff

  7. No, the polish did not, they got it like this as an upgrade package for the '2a4' type turret

  8. They are upgrading the 2A4 to the PL standard. Which is a significantly better armoured turret plus refresh of internal systems

  9. You do realise he's just playing as a character right

  10. I stand corrected after looking around a bit more it seems Germany is willing to send 14 2a6s which in my opinion, is a mistake since we already have a lack of tanks I have lost faith in our government

  11. Aren't you going to upgrading or producing A7V variant of leopard tanks?

  12. Challenger I don't imagine more than 20-25 or so ending up in Ukraine. Purely because we hardly have 250 of them in service and around 150 are to he upgraded to chally 3.

  13. Now to see which version. There’s a big difference between the one pictured and the newest model - M1ASEP4 with Trophy.

  14. Haven't the US only just started sep3 production in the past year or so?

  15. If they started on inquisition I can see why they will have a hard time playing older games

  16. Tbf only origins has bot aged well, 2 plays very similar to inquisition

  17. A tank designed built in the 60s looks like a tank built in the 60s who would of thought

  18. What's brilliant is today gme is down.

  19. Aren't we in a world of tanks Sub? AS for Wot it is easy to beat this cycle. Just tell WG you are going to sell your account on ebay and you get an insta perma ban. Problem solved, now you can go outside and smell the smog and realize it's not much better out there.

  20. The worst thing Is the wot account isn't even worth much anymore with all the people that pay to grind onj 279E and chief

  21. I mean if you leave out the fact that he lies about his identity, a kid murderer and leaves you butt ass naked in the barn at the night to go to jail without ever telling you anything and later you have to judge him in court, then yes he's vanilla, I guess

  22. If you say send him to wardens does that end things?

  23. So all he has done is just draw some red arrows ?

  24. Just leave hdr off. I only use mine for games that support hdr.

  25. I've used my AW since I got it at the beginning of August last year.

  26. Amazon confirmed to LADbible that the second season of Clarkson's Farm will air as planned on the 10 February.

  27. They might reverse it depending on how popular they are though. Its hardly a definite thing.

  28. The T-832 was already a solid case of, that's not worth it but I'll give you a pass for terminator content... then you also asked money for the garage hanging scrap that is the Type 62 and this is how I feel the year is going to go.

  29. It's 3.5k gold to get a tier 8 plus loads more. I'd say that's worth it.

  30. I commented this before but I used to work in an Asdas bakery making the doughnuts. What's interesting is they cook in oil on one side, then get flipped over and cooked in oil the other side, hence the white line in the middle is the under fried part. You then put them in sugar which absorbs and cools the oil, then you pick them up and push them onto the custard ejaculating probosis which creampies them with filling. I used to squeeze at least 5+ squirts into the custard one's to the point there was a guy who would only buy custard doughnuts if 'the fat lad' (me) was working.

  31. Top lad giving us extra cream pie for the custard donut

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