1. Or the part where you talk to a sentient AI about humanity and religion.

  2. Or J C in J C Denton meaning Jesus Christ. Like only a literal messiah can un-fuck up everything

  3. Me in Cities Skylines: Recreational Drug Use? Yes. Free Piblic Transport? Hell yes. Green Industry? Abso-fucking-lutely.

  4. Me in Tropico 6: Build socialist utopia with all citizens' needs met and all public services free.

  5. Somehow javelin-the-spear was not the first thing to cross my mind when I red your comment.

  6. Ok JavaScript developer. You say "I like this language" but what does "this" refers to in the current context?

  7. It will probably paint the Imperium in a more positive light (it’s the only human faction in the setting, human characters are more relatable to a human audience,) but I hope that it won’t make them “the good guys”

  8. Who has an anti-materiel rifle by the time they get to Nipton. It's literally the second place you go.

  9. I have but it just doesn't feel right.

  10. In the intro cutscenes to one of the Fallout games, you are in the player character's body, staring at an in-world display of the intro cutscene, while an immobile, fully modeled character sitting behind the screen voices the narration. There are wacky ways to get things to work.

  11. Ah, yes. It was New Vegas and Ron the Narrator. Little known fact: he has an identical twin - Testacles the Debug Centurion

  12. G36 cause German engineering is the world's bestest

  13. Something something seize the means of reproduction

  14. Why tf the moment I force myself to forget about this fucking gif I immediately see it again?!

  15. me, getting a job at twitter then writing everything i possibly can on a new line to become the highest paid engineer.

  16. Warning at line 1. Statement elonmusk == adumbass is always true

  17. My DnD party is going to fight an evil king-archmage with a six-barreled rifle)

  18. Yep. It's really hard to find anyone at all with actually left views

  19. That is the most pitiful ip address I've ever seen. Y'all need to learn the basics of ip addresses I AM SICK OF THE IGNORANCE AND LIES,oh hey woah naked skeletons 🥵

  20. I have a simple solution for you; magazine fed shotguns

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