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  1. Actual flare upgrades🤷‍♂️

  2. We used to have flare upgrades but the devs removed them and added all the upgrades to base flares.

  3. I would kill for a “sticky” flare upgrade…

  4. Sounds like “Eyes Wide Shut” party rules😝

  5. If this is PC you definitely want to double check the game’s resolution besides the game’s field of view.

  6. Golden Goose because Jackpot Reality now gives out land maps or whatever. Stupid as hell. I need land and I only get 2 land tokens every 24hrs.

  7. Jackpot Realty only ever gave out maps for the northwestern map beyond the mountains.

  8. Damn, I was under the impression that JPR gave out land tokens before the Maps. My bad.

  9. Nope, and with JPR I personally feel the maps are more valuable because they are the only other currency besides actual donuts to buy the plots of land to the Northwest.

  10. nobody was asking for that. Stop having your breakdowns on reddit threads

  11. He’s not wrong though. We’re at the point now in society, that we’re censoring words that REMIND us of “bad” words or “thoughts”…

  12. No we're not you fucking idiot. Stop acting like the world is on fire. Just ignore it and move on. Best way to move forward.

  13. Really?!?! It’s just my imagination that Rare is censoring ship name innuendos?

  14. Nope, the events are all this same cookie cutter 4 hour task format nowadays

  15. Those old formats for events were only feasible for Springfields that were not literally hundreds of tiles large.

  16. This is the shit that scares me. Whenever I hear about people having epilepsy even 50+ years ago it has usually been in the context of them "needing an exorcism." It's scary to think people would try and force that on anyone instead of taking them to the hospital.

  17. It was even nicer than that just a hundred years ago. You’d be hanged with the “witches” for consorting with the devil.

  18. They were hanging witches 3 or 400 years ago, but okay.

  19. Yes, but my point is, not that long ago your seizure was enough evidence to hang your ass🤷‍♂️

  20. You waited this long, you may as well wait for a 50% off sale🤷‍♂️

  21. You can try through your router setting you can limit connected devices max speed and much more

  22. Join someone who is on the same quest?

  23. Or wait for Gearbox to put out a bugfix🤪

  24. If only alcohol wasn’t the ONLY bottled beverage in the world that ALSO didn’t need a bottle opener to use.

  25. The pic is funnier when you realize those same “football” countries also have to put up signs begging you not to beat your wives/girlfriends and burning down your town if your team loses🤷‍♂️

  26. Isn’t it currently a train wreck? I haven’t been looking for reviews, but I swear I’ve seen people and articles talking about how bad of a state the game is in. Almost as frequently as I see people and articles talking about how bad the new pokemon games are.

  27. Yah that kinda sucks, especially cause the mini meteors seem to be more common then just one big meteor.

  28. Shit, I’ve only seen the small meteor strike once, and the larger ones 3 times. I play a good 5ish missions almost every day. So these whole meteor events are a damn rarity for me.

  29. Check the weekly vault for items you may have missed?

  30. Arena was so much better, only less than 3% of the game community was participating in it🤷‍♂️

  31. We know they’ll be fine. Democrats don’t have guns🤪

  32. I thought those licenses were for the joke beers that don’t do Jack shit, unlike Monster Hunter.

  33. I thought I was the only one that like the refining missions. Guess everyone is crazy🤷‍♂️

  34. Shouldn’t it be in a lake?

  35. Off the top of my head in the settings somewhere I thought. My wife and I along with my brothers and her sister all changed it.

  36. No because left handed options aren’t a thing, or very shitty.

  37. I like how game companies trip over themselves to put trans or “non-cis” gender options into their games, even though it’s a representation that is as small comparatively to left handed players as left handed players are to right handed.

  38. I did. And it's still too easy by far. This is an issue I've found with all the Borderlands. Each new one they make gets easier and easier.

  39. This one is also the shortest game in the series.

  40. Also zero of them have been stopped by women too🤷‍♂️

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