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  1. He was the first pyro, but i don't think he's related to the current pyro, they're just both pyros

  2. I don't see the problem, she still looks like a gigachad

  3. Shit is that only 170 keys? Nevver really gotten into the whole Unusual weapon trading

  4. Bro that's 435 USD for an item, don't say it like it's not a lot

  5. But none the less I mean yeah! Be it $300 or $435, It's still a lot for a virtual item!

  6. I enjoy playing phlog + scorch shot pyro and i feel no shame for it

  7. I think they look cool, although i play a worgsn in world of warcraft, so i guess I'm biased

  8. I think I'd rather be called monkey than latinx

  9. This would be pretty funny to see, ngl

  10. I don't think it's the game, i think your graphics card is dying

  11. Incel bullshit aside, isn't the story kinda... mid? I ask cuz i didn't play the game, but from what I've seen and heard about it the story is not that great

  12. I appreciate all beauty, i just don't wanna fuck anyone

  13. Sounds like being straight with extra steps.

  14. For the love of god, taking a screenshot isn't that hard you guys

  15. Yes, that's like the whole point of buying expensive components

  16. How the fuck am i supposed to know?

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