1. I know the feeling. My family worries non stopped which takes away the fun.

  2. Face to face is the way to go. I wouldn’t respond well to an email from one of my employees. It should be a discussion. As a manager, I would also forward the email to HR to get their take on it but I’m pretty close with HR

  3. Anybody that merges after the exact point that I determine one should merge is an asshole

  4. Most have a ton of respect for welders. I do, especially after I tried it once and the welder teaching me understandably laughed me out of the room. Sure wish I could do it.

  5. When Russians owned most dash cams, my mom used to ask why all Russians are bad drivers when I would watch the crash compilations

  6. I have a MY and a Ford Raptor. Would love to sell both and just get a cyber truck. My use case is unique so I’m probably not a target (driving to my house in the mountains with dogs in the back).

  7. I would recommend ending the relationship. Long story short, you will probably never look at her the same.

  8. Can’t believe cops keep falling for this audits but just shows you the average cop is kind of dumb but what you expect

  9. Sample bias. The videos where cops pass don’t get views or promoted. Some may not even get posted.

  10. She better hope whomever believes she just missed, because a warning shot is illegal to take. You only fire a gun if you intend to kill. Any other intent will/should be ruled as reckless use.

  11. i’m gonna go out on a limb and say most actually important security holders would be disqualified from any important jobs by the fact that whatever reason they’re prescribed those drugs would be a debilitating illness/injury that would keep them from field work, or being in the military, etc.

  12. Is being prescribed a medication for a physical issue reportable? No. Do you think cancer patients lose their clearance for having cancer and the associated medications they may need to be on?

  13. If a pararescueman is diagnosed with cancer, i don’t think they’re going to keep their job, regardless of clearance. If a navy seal says they’re depressed and gets ketamine, they will not be going on missions anymore. If a CIA agent gets diagnosed with whatever tf requires cocaine, i’m gonna bet they’re no longer allowed to do field work. Those jobs require people in good shape, healthy, and able. They would be retired.

  14. Yea man this subreddit is a hive mind circle jerk of people hating on the game. They have a cognitive dissonance and really think their opinion is the majority. Non stop complaining, just show me cool and funny clips.

  15. Don't be ridiculous, they weren't duped.

  16. I didnt know that anyone was still playing Warzone 2.0 so I learned something today

  17. And then we should kill the judge,the jury, and the prosecutor if it’s found out he was innocent later.

  18. That doesn’t sound terrible - “get it right or why all die”. Really drives home the severity of the punishment.

  19. Thou shalt not kill... The main reason they are there and now u wanna do it too?

  20. I’ve been pulling stuck people off that road for years now. Snow tires and 4WD/AWD required

  21. ...and in the meantime here in Japan, no-one ever put down the masks in the first place.

  22. I noticed, even while in your own vehicle by yourself driving down the road. That seems a little extreme

  23. From the videos I've seen lately -- an overwhelming majority of drivers.

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