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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

Can't stop seeing stars

A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. I know multiple other financial advisors that took my GME advice and that is their client's biggest positions now. As far as way up at the big companies? No. But the head partner trading at Schwab left me a voicemail asking me to call him back after I posted the Judy voicemails.

  2. So really it's AMA apart from anything about DRS? Get in the fucking bin. Grifting for clients.

  3. I’m down to make a hype video but never made a video so I’m going to try it out

  4. Ape is my name, fucking hedgies is my game

  5. People don’t care as long as they see the numbers in their account, little do they know that doesn’t mean shit. Source: my brother in law

  6. Not gonna happen. Since ape did not sell when it's almost $500 pre-split, Noone will offer a takeover bid that high. Also, Apes and RC's share combine will be 50%+, which makes it hard to have a takeover if our price is infinite.

  7. Exactly, this is MY company. Fuck anyone who wants to buy it and take it private like that POS Elon did to bird company. If I get bought out, They pay me whatever the price they agree upon. Not MOASS. I helped turn this company around along with some friends I made along the way. DRS to make sure you can vote so this never happens (not that it would) but DRS along with owning securities in my name makes sure my vote is heard at the AGM. Lastly our board is solid and they are fellow sharehodlers so I don't think they want it to go private either. My board wants tendies and so do I.

  8. Finally a price I may consider selling a fractional share but probably not

  9. Marantz is a fucking shill that is anti DRS and thinks FUDELITY is a good broker.

  10. Well, ain’t that some bullshit…I’m DRSd 95% and fuck FUDelity

  11. iPhone, iPad, houseHODL items, cups, bowls, lighting. Browse and see what may want to pick up. I personally have every piece of clothing that GameStop offers and lots of funkopops. I actually started collecting them while shopping in store.

  12. Exactly. I've mentioned Dr T and am doing my best not to seem to tinfoilly as this is family but the idea needs to spread to all long term investors

  13. I'm trying to place pre market orders for GME but they won't go through. I'm bidding above the ask but to no avail.

  14. And yet one of these is not like the others.

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