1. If by eating you mean me stroking your butt out with my dick then yeah. I eat ass for you babe lol

  2. What hole have you been hiding your head in, the whole pandemic? This pricing is the new Cuban world order.

  3. Yeah the taxes are high but the prices themselves too are way up there

  4. Try hard dumb glowie, or cuck-servative right there for ya

  5. They both stepped in poop and suddenly forgot where they were and why they were shirtless

  6. Big Joe Biden campaign sign and of course a Coexist sticker on my car with a blm and pride flag on my lawn~

  7. Local tool, pretends to be better than than tool and decides to have tool best him in a tool match cause re:re

  8. fna4 says:

    If you think China’s economic system is communism, I have a bridge to sell you. The worst stuff coming out of China is the result of capitalists trying to cut costs and avoid safety/labor regulations…

  9. I never said they’re economic motor was communistic however their government is def a machine for a command economics. Lastly if you think capitalism is what drives them to fake basic products like rice you need to look at countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, S. Korea ad naseum other countries. Their drive to making huge sums is to escape limitations from communism broadly.

  10. fna4 says:

    Huh? Japan and South Korea used to be where western capitalists turned to for cheap manufacturing, once the standard of living in those countries improved, they turned to China and Vietnam. You’re not making the point you think you are. The conditions that flourish in China that allow for poorly made products under little regulation are just as much the fault of western capitalists trying to maximize shareholder value as they are the fault of china’s “communist” government.

  11. You’re not proving me wrong, these places are still 1000 times better than the slavery done in china you annoying commie choir boy

  12. Very high, I always enjoy a Classico especially the Classico perfecto figurado that is rolled as a fat center but beautiful all around. Punch and Hoyo’s are really slept on

  13. Why do folks avert their eyes and wallet holdings from cedar lined humidor chests with beautiful designs for le plastic non-tre chic?

  14. Price, simple and fast setup, mindless maintenance with bovedas. I like both - I have a pretty bubinga desktop 200 ct that holds some of my better selections, but the other 1800 cigars have to go somewhere.

  15. That’s true, especially if you’re pushing up over 1800 cigars. Def a nice glass display or chest and cabinet type tall dresser with a machine humidifier is the way to go later on when you get more into the displaying

  16. Seriously thought the doggo was a monkey for sec lol

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