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  1. How am I 37 years old, a huge fan of Just Mustard and this is the first time I've ever listenend to My Bloody Valentine? For some reason I always had them down as some kind of Emo band from the 00s. Man, how wrong can you be? I'm looking forward to listening to these all day now!

  2. You may be thinking of Bullet For My Valentine

  3. He has said it's his favorite album of all time, but also very racist.

  4. Can’t tell if you’re joking or not haha

  5. Me too, I’ve loved all of DOOM’s other albums for years but never gave this one the time for some reason. I was blown away when I heard it

  6. Thinking of buying patagonia down jacket. Would that be good for an Irish type weather?

  7. I think it would be good at keeping warm but in Ireland I think the best thing to do is get something waterproof for the outer layer with something warm like a fleece under it.

  8. From Blindboy podcast this week he says army surplus gear, if you can deal with the camouflage print

  9. I listened to that and that’s what actually inspired this post. Not sure how I feel about getting onto the bus I’m full army fatigues though🤣

  10. Started Pet Semetary by Stephen King

  11. Absolute masterpiece, still remember the first time I heard it and thinking Lord Worm’s vocals sounded like a rabid dog, in the good way of course.

  12. My dream is to open American BBQ and real deal Mexican restaurants in Ireland using as much Irish product as possible. I’m convinced Irish beef is the best in the world and I wanna make some hardwood smoked briskets and birria tacos with it.

  13. This sound like it would be phenomenal, we have a few Mexican places here but none of them really look like the authentic stuff I had in California a couple of years ago

  14. All I wanna do is play GTAIV but I got a PS4😩

  15. I’m enjoying it as well but I can’t help but feel like the first 4-5 chapters with Jonathan Harker going to Castle Dracula were the highlight of the book so far.

  16. I like to think there’s another highlight but I’m not wanting to spoil.

  17. This excites me for sure, very excited to start Frankenstein as I’ve heard really good things

  18. Bloodborne is heavily influenced by Eldritch Horror, try anything by H.P. Lovecraft

  19. Amazing album. reminds me of Bestial Warlust but with better solos.

  20. This is just what I needed thanks OP

  21. Lots of people selling this atm, looks nice

  22. The death penalty isn't barbaric at all, it's a perfectly fine penalty when it's applied to people who deserve it and I would support it if it was brought back in this country - I have no problem saying that.

  23. I don’t understand this. I know some people do very horrible things; dog fighting being one of them, but the death penalty is barbaric and uncivil. No one has the right to choose when anyone dies no matter what horrible crime they’ve committed, also the fact it’s statistically cheaper to keep someone imprisoned for their entire life than it is to execute someone makes it even more obvious to me that the death penalty is done completely out of passion and nothing else. The justice system is not there to punish criminals, it’s there to keep the general population safe and to serve justice. Systematically murdering someone is not justice, it is punishment.

  24. Any hidden gems anyone’s found recently? Stuff from the 80s, 90s or 00s they feel doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

  25. Looking for bands similar to Gatecreeper that mix Old school death influences with Hardcore. Any recs would be appreciated!

  26. Where can I find stuff that sounds more like this?

  27. Damn. I live in Ireland and K is massive here, goes for about €40 a g, 100 for an 8th.

  28. Saw him at Higher Vision back in June. Incredible set. Blew me away. Here’s a link if anyone is interested

  29. Have you got anything else like this? Really enjoyed that mix.

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