1. Not referring to myself but to be fair, SV has brought many people new to the franchise. Not everyone can recognize every Pokemon, especially a silhouette of them

  2. I mean, I have comp bred pokemon of nearly every type, after giving them exp candies and maxing their ev and ivs, it’s shouldn’t be that hard

  3. Lol you’re in for a rough time pal

  4. The better question is, why is frieza in hell if he was supposed to be tied up to that tree with the fairies and stuff?

  5. What up with the new rival I've seen alot of praise about her

  6. She’s basically a girl version of Ash from the anime (obsessed with battling) but most people just simp for her

  7. This is a literal cat what's wrong with people who are attracted to pokemon

  8. All are fine but I just can’t stand cole’s new design, is hair just makes him look so ugly

  9. Also, if you use it in a trainer battle and the trainer has more than one pokemon, it makes them switch to a random pokemon

  10. It’s called the “dogshit Kai soundtrack” best known around the world for being inferior to both the Faulconer and Kikuchi soundtracks respectfully.

  11. Sorry if it didn’t work, it’s a picture of the Pokemon Jynx. But the original design before it was changed from controversy

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