1. Anyone else impressed to see pac still making these lists? Man can't die

  2. You can buy a fucking train station with that dude

  3. Bizarre (belly as big as Eminem’s heart) 😍

  4. My favorite D12 member will always be Bizarre. I will never forget this one day where I was feeling sad that my dad left me. So i put on mmlp to lift my spirits, and when I got to Bizarre's verse on Amityville, I heard a knock on the door! I looked through the peephole, and there he was: my father! I let him in, and the first thing he did was grab my phone and turn that shitty excuse of a verse off. I will never forget that moment. Thank you Bizarre!

  5. Ironic really. What chatGPT is doing is unethical. So it’s unethical all round.

  6. Lol. These cunts saying all this shit. You do you man. Who cares. Buy something nice with your 600 quid. Enjoy it:)

  7. Reddit users who post in politics, news, front page subs: 60

  8. This is a great analysis on this album, and I agree 100%. My only disappointing track is Drips. But TES is almost flawless. I think he was still figuring out how to make great records with the MMLP. And 2002-2003 Em was just perfect. His diss tracks were spot on. The beats, production. Just fucking perfect.

  9. Bro what. Still figuring out how to make great records? Are you okay in the head?

  10. yeah I will never understand how people prefer mmlp to this

  11. Like OP said it feels like a greatest hits album. Less emotional. Palatable. Tries to justify itself. An amazing follow-up to MMLP no doubt, but it is no MMLP.

  12. Did you know that the term "Cracker" is related to the "cracker of the whip"? It has nothing to do with being "white as a cracker (food)"

  13. Buy to let landlords, middle managers, shy Tories, adult Disney freaks

  14. But do you like it enough to vote Lib Dem?

  15. As disturbing as it is, Mao and Stalin are very often praised in far left circles lol.

  16. Are you suggesting that ChatGPT is far-left, or are you suggesting that it’s woke?

  17. Don’t you know how large language models work? These were created by planting suggestions beforehand and leading it into a response.

  18. Also ended with a simple step at the airport when the CCP cuts the passport.

  19. You're told to take moments about A. You need each objects distance from A, not from B.

  20. The painter is 1.4m from A and the plank center of mass is 0.85m from A. So I take (1.4*650) + (0.85*80) and divide that by 1.7m and oh that 536 huh. thanks? I spent 2 hours on this question. I could’ve sworn I’ve done this before..

  21. try making the shading a warmer or cooler hue so you don’t have to rely on as much darkness for contrast

  22. I see a bit of cubism, how about modern figurative cubish surrealism?

  23. It’s not cubist just because it doesn’t follow conventional form

  24. They’re tourists in a foreign country. Keep your kids next to you for overall safety. There are many videos on YouTube of people being trampled or yelled at by those soldiers.

  25. Is it really too much to ask these tourist attractions to have any social responsibility at all?

  26. I hope this is satire. They are not a tourist attraction. They are a military regiment. They might attract tourists but they aren't their for photo opitunitys and people's amusement. If they were walking around wearing camo would people stand in their way.. no absolutely not.

  27. I see. So why aren’t they walking camo? Don’t delude yourself with these bullshit formalities. Real soldiers don’t need to stomp on children… especially when they’re just guarding at home.

  28. The songs on the bonus disc should be put on main

  29. please. I cant take it anymore. Please NO MORE UNEXİSTİNG KETCHUP POSTS😭😭😭😭

  30. Ketchup fucking sucks most of the time anyways? Have bbq sauce

  31. Well it's no wonder the greek are at the top, they play for both sides and haven't stopped buttfucking young boys since the Socrates era

  32. I'm sort of a heterodox market ecosyndicalist with a few other weird deviations. My general argument is that every country on earth is in an advanced state of neoliberal capitalist decay (no matter what they call their system) but at the same time the "traditional" working class has atrophied or been eroded to the point of uselessness as a practical category. As such I generally see a conflict between the late capitalist class (and its chain-dog defenders) and the lumpenproletariat, which is basically everyone else as a disorganized social class, with even formerly "secure" proletarians and bourgeois falling into it as the ground melts under their feet and the social fabric is too badly decayed to prevent their fall. Conflict between nations is basically irrelevant, since the fact they're all under the yoke of the same neoliberal global market and escape from it is impossible is the root of the problem.

  33. Right. The neoliberal solution to any global conflict is just to support the correct side. Conflict between nations can be boiled down to conflict between the capitalists of different nations, state or otherwise.

  34. It's not so much supporting the "correct" side (since that's highly relative depending on where you're standing) but rather whichever side least hinders the flow of money. O'Jays- drop that beat!

  35. My point was that wars between countries are wars between the capitalists of those countries, so naturally neoliberal ideology is not explicitly opposed to war itself, and instead opts to support one side over the other — usually in the interest of capital itself yes. My leftist flair should tell you all you need to know about my knowledge of moral relativism too, ofc

  36. you’re not the only one bro. in the thumbnail of the video i also thought that but then it flies in the video

  37. It’s like you’re wilfully missing the point on every level

  38. White people when you tell them there will be a function at the function

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