1. My main complaint would be hygiene and the fact that some person could decide to slump you from 400 meters out for no reason.

  2. Please tell me you posted this as satire it's such a bad list.

  3. It’s a revolver! That makes it the coolest sidearm in the game!

  4. I’d rather have a single action army or a colt woodsman that that piece of shit.

  5. It reminds me of foy and Kharkov, they’re essentially the same map.

  6. There’s a dead body trapped beneath the trash

  7. Had a kid in my class during first grade do something just like this. He was trying to make his face turn red doing this and fell over and cracked his head open...lets just say head wounds like to bleed a lot...

  8. Don't be a little shit and attack your teachers.

  9. If it's for lore reasons, I think the Valor version you unlock halfway through makes a lot of sense for this new Kratos who teacher Atreus to focus his anger and use it for good things instead of letting it consume him.

  10. Where’s the steak slap? You’re supposed to Slap the steak before doing anything to it.

  11. I have yet to see Luna hold a Bren gun or an mg42

  12. Oh shit, I think it is. It’s literally an interrogation where the interrogators drug them.

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