1. the herbert-ekeler stack in ppr put up like 20 points on me on that drive?

  2. that was terrible, he should have hit that one touch, would have been an easy goal, etc

  3. this man loves his country enough to run around in front of the entire world with a tampon stuffed up his nose

  4. canada just needs someone to throw a big hit, drop the gloves, and give the team some momentum. other than that, just take it one play at a time, keep chipping the puck deep, throw it on net, and hope for a greasy goal

  5. …he knows that we have video review these days right? the hell is he flopping for?

  6. I get why they do it, goalies could theoretically act injured and have play stopped.

  7. While true, if it’s egregious it should be a penalty shot or something like that. Making the goalie stop a shot without a mask is fucking atrocious

  8. 100%, this is a terrible situation just waiting to happen with a mask less goalie taking a puck to the head

  9. i don’t like the rule as well, they need to change it for situations like this cause it just feels like bullshit

  10. This is what happened in Game 7 with Bishop against the blues and it ducked us. Please stand

  11. Bills had one drive and Diggs owners are in complete shambles lol

  12. this sub is ridiculous, if their player doesn't have a TD every drive people lose their minds

  13. I'm not gay but I want to live in a log cabin in the woods with Jason Robertson, etc

  14. we get a penalty cause Engelland is an AHLer who falls over if you tap his skate

  15. I started the Vikings defense this week and Mike Williams over Josh Palmer, and I'm gonna win because of Brandon Aiyuk's 2 TDs. I don't deserve this W

  16. what did the ref say exactly? i am very confused how that is a goal

  17. That Jordan Morris sub was indefensible.

  18. yep, I was fairly ambivalent on Gregggg but putting Morris in over Reyna is unforgivable and GGG is now dead to me

  19. I'm pretty sure 'Daniel Jones pass incomplete' is burned into my screen now from watching the espn gamecast

  20. announcers: qatar looks nervous, they’re afraid to meet the moment, they’re unfocused

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