1. I just find ssj2 really balanced and efficient, having a lot of potential if properly perfected

  2. One Piece. Just imagine Stolas trying to turn luffy to stone but getting no u'd by conqueror's haki.

  3. I always thought they looked like sisters that grew up to do their own wildly different aesthetic

  4. Almost none of them unless you're playing free bird by lynard skynard, then they'll need to survive me

  5. Goat sonas are so under-rated, glad to see my sona get some recognition

  6. Stolas 100% I feel like our personalities would mix well, not to mention that we could talk for hours and hours about stars and astronomy stuff, magic, etc. Plus I wanna be snuggled by the bird dad

  7. 5 years? Oh my god getting the game still feels like last year

  8. Shinra Kusakabe vs Ms. Power from World Girl. This happened in one of my dreams and I want to know what you think lmao

  9. I wanna be octavia because I would want to train like crazy with my abilities

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