TIL Romans were known to create tombs for their dogs and gave them epitaphs to remember them by. One such inscription read, “I am in tears, while carrying you to your last resting place as much as I rejoiced when bringing you home with my own hands 15 years ago.”

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  1. IMHO, keep it if there is a next time. No reason to be making a name change (again) at this point in our lives.

  2. My mom took my dad's name when she married him, she was forty at the time. I've always felt... A little bit disappointed in that? She kicked so many asses up until that point, but now she's just supposed to be some guy's wife? My dad's a great guy, and I'm kinda okay with existing myself, so I think her marrying him was a good call, I just don't see why she didn't keep her own name.

  3. I still assume that it’s deliberate, and they only act like they don’t want the sekrit documents because they’re getting noticed by the five guys eyes

  4. I don't know, man ... After that incident at the AI lab with Stallman, things have been seeming sus lately. Anybody could be a "sussy baka"-AI made by Stallman to spout propaganda about those evil human freedoms.

  5. My uncle married a Greek woman ( my aunt in law? Not sure how to say this in English. Yenge). I love our family reunions, especially because both sides insist on doing it in a collaborative manner. Who made the best baklava, who lives in the best coast of Aegean, who has a bigger sword ⚔️😅🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. In English, your uncle's wife is your aunt.

  7. Yeah, I've got the Sunday Scaries too, buddy

  8. Except for Perun's 1 hour-ish power points, I could watch them for days!

  9. Perun's presentations contain valuable information presented competently. They're not just an exercise in pointlessness.

  10. Wow I didn’t expect to have my character assassinated like this in the comments section of Reddit today.

  11. I don't really think of this as an insult or anything. It's the appropriate way of things. I'd think far less of a dad that insisted on making cultural references that their children couldn't possibly understand. You're supposed to start making dad jokes and falling asleep on the couch and wearing unfashionable but comfortable sneakers and so on, because not making that shift means that, in some sense, you've failed in becoming the kind of person that kids need their parents to be.

  12. Terrible lame puns rule over the chance of exposing your kids to more culture?

  13. That's a fair argument, but I would contend that there's a slightly restricted context where making and explaining those sorts of references is appropriate, when it's as much about teaching as it is about humor. Sure, making a joke where the kid lacks information will likely make them want to learn more, but you should also be making jokes that your kids will actually get without issue, and that's whence cometh dad jokes.

  14. It was a bot suggesting that "Freshman" was a gendered term, and that I should use "First Year" instead

  15. Well, 600 m/s is nothing. Your average deer rifle does more than that, but won’t go anywhere near 60k’ straight up. So obviously air resistance Is a major factor that can’t be ignored.

  16. It's odd. Watching Perun videos and reading up on Defense Economics and such, spurred on by the Ukraine war, has made me want to pivot from Defense AI research to, of all things, Public Policy.

  17. Machine Learning Research Scientist here.

  18. You're absolutely right, on all counts. For perfectly analogous reasons, kindergarten teachers should be teaching their kids Abstract Algebra and Analysis, so that they can really understand the foundations of Mathematics, before they get to anything as applied as counting or arithmetic.

  19. because this XKCD is not high enough in this thread at the time of me writing this comment

  20. What kind of competition is going to involve re-writing arithmetic operations?

  21. The group I work for is stuffed to the fucking gills with Stanford and MIT PhD-types, including the occasional no shit OG Bell Labs guy. We primarily use Skype.

  22. There's a special version of Zoom called

  23. You mean HFT. HRT is... Something else. Weirdly, still relevant to lots of low-level programmers, though.

  24. God may teach one grace, but Satan knows how to make a pivot table.

  25. You don't have the right, O you don't have the right

  26. Absolutely not! There is still still a lot of research going into traditional ML methods. For tabular data, it is typically vastly superior to deep learning. Especially boosting models receive a lot of attention due to very good implementations available. See for example:

  27. The customers I build models for insist on interpretability and robustness, which deep learning just doesn't give them right now. Actually just got a conference paper out of a modification to a classical method, which was kinda fun.

  28. Why isn't being neurotypical a personality disorder? You guys love loud noises, making fun of anyone different, blithering, useless small talk, having an unhealthy obsession with eye contact, and can't even manage to pick a special interest.

  29. If you can complete a masters degree in Computer Science, you can follow some web tutorials. Otherwise the degree clearly isn't worth all that much.

  30. In the time since I made the comment you replied to, a plague has killed millions of people, babies have been born that are now able to walk and talk, total strangers have met and gotten married without it being too weird, and the world's most pathetic bachelor has still managed to change his sheets six times.

  31. I must admit that I have never live there and don't plan on moving there 😅

  32. We've got healthcare that makes you sick, protective services that kill you, and an education system that keeps you stupid. What's not to like?

  33. That's not doublethink, this is doublethink;

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