1. This is terrible. Please never post again op

  2. you can call him a very dedicated actor or an opportunistic masochist

  3. thats why it felt a bit weird , naybe i am sick coz i m an ornithologist

  4. Watch kiss x sis if you like step sister

  5. i hv watched overflow and redo of heal and boku no pico

  6. Why would i tell u that if i m from jammu and kashmir 🌚

  7. i have a tank , kya matlab 'ak-47 india mein illegal hai' ?

  8. bro tuze kyun lagra hai ek chapri insaan chamatkaari ho sakta hai ?

  9. i told one of these dudes that i know they costed you 150rs and i would give 300 max for them ... he was stunned and was forced to sell it at 250

  10. caste doesnt matter i would say as a general category dude

  11. the cab drivers were right but it was just you shit urban mfs who consider it right to do potty stuff inside this country.

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