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Hi Reddit! I’m Ethan Brown, CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat. On July 12th at 12:30pm PST I’m doing my first-ever AMA. I’ll answer all your questions about the future of food and the plant-based meat innovations we are working on at Beyond. Get ready to ask me anything!

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  1. I don’t sadly. Between the ongoing merch issues, Ryan’s passing, and the fact he’d already been silent for 4 months between the release of Dear April & Cayendo and the accident I really don’t see how someone as invested in creative control as Frank would restart a rollout years after the fact. He cancelled several festival appearances for “production delays” so with the amount of unforeseen issues surrounding his 2019/2020 output I would be surprised to see the silhouettes to make a return

  2. What do i need to do to understand why people are crazy for Sheetz?

  3. I’m from the cleveland area so Sheetz was a big thing for us in highschool. Other than it being the only 24/7 food around (even holidays) the parking lots are huge so everyone would grab their snacks and hang out in theirs cars afterwards, they’re way cleaner than most convenience stores, and also is where we all developed Juul addictions when that was a thing. Would I want to hang out like that at the 161 Dublin/Grandville location? Probably not. But the New Albany and Delaware locations were both similar to what I experienced growing up. Without the nostalgia factor it really isn’t special

  4. Memory and ram are one of most important aspects though, maybe put worse camera then.You can get OnePlus Nord CE 2021 for 270€ While new SE has just 3gb ram and 64 gb memory for double price

  5. People buying an SE do not care about that at all though. Assuming someone is buying a new SE, the A13 benchmarks higher with 3gb than comparable androids do with 8gb. My dad and his siblings bought their mother an SE so she could have access to iMessage family groups and have a decent camera for video calls. It’s not meant to be a power users’ daily carry.

  6. If you plan on going on a weekend there will be young people. Definitely a more mature feel than the typical OSU bars but don’t expect a 35+ crowd or anything. People dress heavily into the 80’s look here which is fun but not really “fancy”. Saw a guy going real hard in flared pants, platform shoes, and a half opened flashy button down.

  7. I think it’s unpopular because compared to IYRTITL & NWTS there’s more low points/filler. But some of Drakes best and most unique production is absolutely on More Life. I don’t think I’ve made a playlist since 2017 that doesn’t eventually end up with Passionfruit on it

  8. I’m not a Tech N9ne fan because he constantly went chu….chu. (Or whatever that sound is) over the song. Not sure if he still does it.

  9. I’m happy for the dude because he sustained an impressively long career by sticking to his core base but, yea, it is such an acquired taste. He’s so true to his sound he’s like MF DOOM for the juggalo crowd

  10. I'm newish to rap. Why do you think DOOM and Tech nine are similar? Tech strikes me as a talented edgy 14 year old who thinks his 'strange' music makes him unique. DOOM doesn't strike me as taking himself serious to the same degree.

  11. I mostly meant the role he plays for his audience. There’s artists like Kanye who’ve been all over the map sonically. Some fans that prefer the college era, some prefer 808s/mbdtf/yeezus run, but any kanye fan would tell you you’re dumb if you’re waiting for him to do the same thing twice. No one who didn’t like Madvillainy or MM FOOD is going to be suddenly convinced by a different DOOM album. Same goes for tech.

  12. And a lot of us who went to work today did some back breaking work- I did snow removal all day. I didn’t go out to eat but fuck if I wanted to not cook when I got home I’m not a bad person lol

  13. No one including OP said that you’re a bad person for not wanting to cook after work. But your words definitely give off entitlement. Delaware was level 3 through yesterday afternoon and Franklin was a level 2 (per the sheriff) because you have to consider the “economic impact” of going level 3. Restaurants are by no means essential, it’s a convenience. There are another 363 days of the year when Columbus isn’t in a once in a decade storm.

  14. Entitlement? Lol I spent the past two days digging out snow around a public elementary school to provide safe conditions for kids. I’m a school custodian- I saw further down that you said schools government offices etc were closed… your entitlement shows that you don’t realize that doesn’t mean that the world shuts down. Essential workers are still mandated to come in and make sure buildings are ready to be opened when they do open back up….

  15. That’s awesome. That’s an important job that I’m sure is fulfilling and hopefully pays/benefits you accordingly. My sole point is and continues to be that restaurants are non essential and acting like they should be open in snow emergencies because you had to work is a selfish point of view. That’s all! I’m not going to bother with all the conclusions you jumped to.

  16. I’m from Cleveland, the primary YTTV account holder is in Cleveland. Every 3 months if I don’t make it back to Cleveland I get shut out of service. It also location restricts Cavs games, even the national ones. Extremely frustrating. There was a way to fake your location using developer settings but the most recent time I tried that it didn’t work

  17. its just feedback lil dude, your gonna need to get used to it when you get to college.

  18. I’ll show you my degree if you show yours ;) the “lil bro” was a self report

  19. good luck with that approach if you ever get a client

  20. Some cool stuff in there but it’s about 3x too long. 35 pages is tedious. No one expects a student to have nearly 30 stand out pieces. Pick one or two from each kind of work you do. The Bulgaria expo logo is alright, but the stationary and merchandise are unfortunately bad design. The post card and shirts in particular have that gradient and you also blurred your logo. That would be a nightmare to produce and given the context of the project would likely never get approved. Think of your portfolio not just as a place to show off your creativity. Showing critical thinking and knowing when to dial back is also important.

  21. Unfortunately I think that's the point of a Khaled song..

  22. I wonder if he’ll ever hit a peak with that or if he’ll just keep doubling down. Since Major Key both the quality and popularity of his music has been on a pretty rapid decline. I don’t even remember the name of his last album but do remember the adlibbing/Khaled presence was more obnoxious than usual. The whole bundle issue a few years ago was pretty revealing too about just how dependent his popularity is on casual listening like streaming radio/curated playlists. The Medasin remix of Wild Thoughts is in regular rotation for me to this day and there’s only a single “another one” at the start, you know, like any normal producer tag

  23. If all of the cars are self driving they will communicate with each other and not require stoplights or more than one lane in each direction

  24. It’s your belief that waiting for an emerging technology that’s crazy expensive to the average person and would require a major overhaul of our roads anyway would be a better solution than a high speed public railway? This doesn’t even take into consideration what we’d do with all of the suddenly obsolete gas vehicles let alone all the new e-waste and lithium batteries in circulation. One of the worst parts of city living is seeing all the land we waste on parking lots that are full once or twice a week. Land that could be used to keep Columbus greener and more walkable.

  25. Anderson .Paak - Venice Tkay Maidza - Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2 Jack White - Boarding House Reach

  26. Immediately after astroworld you could not escape the “I’m a metal head and this isn’t right, we know mosh culture” or “Metallica/Linkin Park/My favorite band would never let this fly” comments. A few weeks go by and we’re back to thinking liking open/drop tuning’s and harsh scales makes you tougher than a different musical fan base?

  27. Never heard of thirdway. Love the book/coffee fusion concept

  28. For me personally cafes are a great starting place to discover what a neighborhood has to offer. I go through a 12oz bag of beans at home each week and once a week I’ll go pick up a bag with a fresh drink to go with it. It’s amazing how much you can of your city you can discover this way. Things that never makes it to the surface of google, yelp, even reddit

  29. At the end of the day it’s all just personal enjoyment but after peaking at your Topster I can’t help but feel you might be rating DAMN. not just off the quality of the music Kendrick gave us. I think since for so many Kendrick fans it was such a disappointment so it feels worse than it is. TPAB has been floating in my top 3 since it dropped, I’m sure there’s just as many that’d say that about GKMC. DAMN. just didn’t live up to those on any level. And for that to be the Kendrick album to win a Pulitzer it just added to the sour taste it left. But I try to score as neutrally as possible so a 3 is squarely in the “I dislike this more than I enjoy it” range. DAMN. is perfectly enjoyable with a lot of good ideas and a few bad ones. Outside of GOD (Enough time has passed where I can kinda enjoy LOVE in the right setting) and the rambling on FEAR I’m not hitting skip. So all things considered I couldn’t give it a genuine rating under a 5 maybe 6. Don’t go back to it much but it’s far from a bad album.

  30. They were probably sick of streaming 2 hours before and then having another 2 hour wait for the show to actually start.

  31. This is unconfirmed but sounds most likely to be the case. Apple Music clearly doesn't know seem to know much more than we do. Live broadcasting literally nothing in high quality for 4 hours cannot be cheap and Billboard put the figures for exclusive access at 8 figures.

  32. No he bought it recently from its past owner who was looking to retire. They opened in 1985 & it's located in a very small town. The old logo is about as stereotypical as you can get. It's an illustration of an Italian man holding a sub. So I'm trying to design a logo that's not too out of place for that environment but is also functional.

  33. Any other critiques on the logo are also welcome. I just specifically came looking for feedback on the text. He is insisting on it being inside the buns while also remaining realistic. I've tried explaining that the top bun will be larger than the bottom IRL and that having half of your business name smaller than the other creates a visual hierarchy that doesn't make sense when it's all one title.

  34. If he answers the question about them buying animals for comparison purposes truthfully ... or if he answers it at all ...

  35. The company is literally called beyond MEAT.. were they supposed to create their meat alternative products in a vacuum with no reference as to what they’re trying to replicate? Genuinely curious.

  36. Maybe less people will be cannibals if we just taste test people and sell Beyond Human. Apparently recreating a taste is more important than the lives of animals whose corpses you taste, so why not do it with people?

  37. That’s not what I said. They don’t even advertise themselves as a vegan company. The line between “plant based” and vegan is intentionally subtle. I understand the goal is 0 harm of course, but I think the long term harm reduction is a net positive and this just isn’t the hill I would die on. Overnight perfection is not realistic as much as we’d like it to work that way. There’s a reason I didn’t engage in this community for help or advice as I started out vegetarian and had to work my way out of other products.

  38. I’m still a student myself but one great piece of advice I’ve gotten a lot is to make your portfolio as easy to access as possible. Things like external links can lose someone’s interest before they even see your work. The button to watch the animation didn’t work for me either. Especially for an internship where you aren’t known yet, this is a potential employer/internships first impression of you and the dozens or hundreds of others too so making your work instantly accessible gives you the best odds of them staying on.

  39. He mentioned once in a q and a that it’s a stock serum preset with ott but I’ve never been able to find which one

  40. This right here is why I love Flume so much. He manages to balance really experimental patterns and layers but it’s also so accessible. His production reminds me a lot of MF DOOM’s rapping with the way he uses a handful of sounds (most of which even amateurs have) in a ton of songs but it’s tweaked just enough that it always stays fresh. I really hope his next project sounds as unique as HTIF but I know his commercial releases tend to be a little safer and more straightforward.

  41. Impeccable lighting, coloring, framing, etc everywhere. I feel like for the amount of outdoor shooting takes places in many big name shows, so many still overexpose everything. it ruins the effect when characters are in full view in a forest at night. sure a pitch black screen isn’t the answer, but how is everyone in full view with unnaturally bright blue lighting all the time? This was one of my biggest issues with game of thrones. In the later seasons every other frame looked like a gamers desktop wallpaper.

  42. have you ever seen a woman with only one breast?

  43. my girlfriend showed it to me. i deleted facebook for my sanity long ago.

  44. I've listened to it ironically so many times that I like it forreal now. But not because it's some artistic shit but because it's so ridiculous and exaggerated

  45. It isn’t personally for me, I think it’s a little too obnoxious, but it’s totally like The Room of hip hop. Awful in every way if you’re judging it as serious art but but I can totally see how someone could see it as a fun novelty

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