1. It's a fun game but as someone who actually works on vehicles there are some glaring inaccuracies but I completely understand why they're there. When repairing a vehicle and going on the road test if you have bad bushings or shocks you're going to HEAR that, same with a bad rod bearing or crank, you will hear that loud and clear, but in the game every car sounds the same no matter what's wrong with it. Also parts are nowhere near as universal as this game makes them out to be, I currently have two Dodge Ram 2500s in the shop right now, one with a 5.9 CTD and the other with a 6.7 CTD, there are exactly four parts that I can swap back and forth between those two trucks despite them only being about 9 years apart. Also there's no consequences for screwing up the torque or detorque sequence, in real life you screw that up and you risk warping a head, flange, or mounting face. That being said I completely understand why those inaccuracies are there, it would take a ridiculous amount of time and energy to make this game true to real life and thats just not an option for this developer. Overall despite the inaccuracies its still a fun game.

  2. The worst part for me is they torque the valve covers in a cross cross pattern but the head studs and wheel lugs are just Ming bang boom, one after the other in a row.

  3. I'm curious, no one seems to be answering me.. I do balloons around once a month and started feeling tangling around 5 days after, although am not sure whether it's anxiety.. how long after the last balloon do most people feel something? I'm usually seeing quite quickly, which is making me think it's anxiety

  4. I have quit since this because I keep getting messages from people who used less than me and are getting quick side effects and not having any deficiencies in functional b12. I legitimately think something has changed in the manufacturing process and is hurting people, possibly in the lubricant they are using in the canisters or the metal themselves. Heavy metal poisoning mimics a lot of the same symptoms.

  5. In all honesty I think it's highly anxiety related, the more I am seeing people have these symptoms simply through anxiety.. the more I get anxious the worse it gets. Did you urself ever get any symptoms?

  6. Anxiety definitely plays in to it. What spawns the anxiety is very real nerve issues though, at least with me. Check out the sympathetic nerve system and everything it is tied to in your body. Eyes, heart rate, digestion, etc. are all controlled by the same nerve system that connects our emotions, fight or flight response, etc to our physical body. So it could be that anxiety is being caused by the nerve damage. I know after my experience one of the things that made it incredibly hard to cope with was the fact I felt I couldn’t relax. That my “center” was gone and as time went on it got worse because I didn’t know when I would feel homeostasis again.

  7. Just like barn find cars always have just the bottom of the fuse box, with a few fuses. Never any reservoirs though, or even a battery

  8. I’ve been doing only junkyard and barn rebuilds, all my fuse tops came from the parts piles, almost every one.

  9. I have been doing a build where I ONLY flip junkyard cars and build them off parts I find. It’s been fun, I end up swapping the seat out for a 3 star seat with 15% that was sitting in the junkyard. Been a blast.

  10. Reminds me of the Japanese street course from the gran turismo game all the way back to 2

  11. Looove this gap, even if you hit the ramp after that you almost always crash when you hit it.

  12. Make sure your wall studs are 16", if not you won't be able to hit two studs.

  13. You can always put a 2x4 across 2 studs and let it hang over on one side to get the tv centered. One above and one below. With a 77” you would never ever see it

  14. Kind of the point of buying a lg g2 77 is to have it fit flush against the wall, it comes with a wall mount that folds into the tv and theres zero space between the tv and wall.

  15. Yes, it is. I bought the first, and returned it for the c2. Soooo much better. But if you are stuck in that price range it’s the route I would go. The colors and brightness are much nicer on the c2 plus you get 120fps at 4k unlike the 2k function on b2. Makes it useless, what 2k footage are you ever going to watch?

  16. I forgot to add that it was on all 4 inputs instead of just 2. Thanks for catching that. Mine had a white line that would come and go right through the middle of the screen. I returned it and opted for the c2 since I had just gotten paid :) oh, also a warranty considering the first one was intermittently bunk.

  17. 1996 Mitsubishi Evo 4, 90s Honda NSX, 60s Fastback mustang. Salem Spectre Fastback did us all dirty.

  18. My girl asked me last night if they had Subarus in the game, J said nope just evos 🤷‍♂️

  19. This isn’t a vacuum line, it’s a breather hose that allows positive crank case pressure to escape your head.

  20. Maybe you are watching shows or movies where some scenes just have no vocals included

  21. I can’t stress this enough, lol, I professionally edit audio for a living and run live sound. People are talking, I see Frasiers lips moving, but no sound 🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. I’m running it in stereo mode to a 5.1 system so it shouldn’t be effected. BUT the same content on the same app from the same source (tv, Roku, Xbox) will work later on with no changes to the programming at all. 🤷‍♂️

  23. Honestly I’ve always hated on her for her flipflopping in the first few seasons but here she was directly faced with her primal needs (buff Joseph) or her emotional needs (fat white lump)

  24. They need to let you do a bar spin any time you could do one irl, at least (mid trick, etc). This lack of combo’d tricks across the entire game is one of my biggest gripes.

  25. Do you not know what a lesbian is? Earlier you used the 12 year old COD playing argument that I have a boyfriend... Even if I was a woman you still used that 'insult' wrong 😂 Go choke on your vape, 🤡

  26. You have a whack Subaru dude, have fun changing your head gasket. I know damn well you won’t be the one doing it so I hope lesbians make good money 👍🏽

  27. Still haven't used that childish insult right 😂 And you're not one to talk about headgaskets with what you drive 😂. If by whack you mean hangs with WRXs in a straight line, offers more usability as a daily, and has good offroad performance, then yes it is whack lol, 🤡

  28. There is no wrx that has an issue with blowing head gaskets, ever. That is exclusively the 2.5l non turbo engine, ie WHAT I GUARANTEE IS IN YOUR POS 😂 the 2.0l engine goes 200k all day, get your shit straight grandma. Your slow mobile is not keeping up with any wrx.

  29. You and I hit all these jumps almost exactly alike, I remember figuring out this track and realizing there’s really only one way to get over most of these properly.

  30. Nice! Yeah you just got to moon jump as hard as possible I find! Trying to do it with the hard tail which is proving to be tricky... Did it completely except for the second the last jump

  31. Oh yea, moon jumpin for the stars lol Keeping momentum is hard too there, I have been branching off and experimenting with the dirt jump bike too but I feel like it doesn’t give you as many cool options for tricks for what you give up on the downhill bike (speed and landing). The wheelie and control for smaller tech stuff though is really nice.

  32. Way off on a few of them. American racing is bottom of the barrel ugly af Les Schwab wheels they sell to old people lol. Same with MB. Enkei’s are heavy rep wheels too unless you go Enkei Racing, and there’s a lot more of the crappy cast wheels of theirs out there then nt03 or rpf1s

  33. Lol, been guessing that line since Eminem used it, sometimes it takes 20 or so years.

  34. Yeah I should probably get it fixed asap. When I let off the gas it sounds awful like it’s leaking because it is.😂

  35. At least you don’t think it sounds good lol shows you have class 😂

  36. I’m not too sure what I want yet but I have a stock y pipe and it’s leaking so for now it would be nice to replace it or get it fixed for cheap.

  37. I feel you there, thst makes sense. I’d get quotes from some muffler shops like others mentioned. Set a craigslist email alert for 350z exhaust as well.

  38. Dang ol birds… flying this season. Talkin bout, dang ol awkward, man.

  39. B-Dawg is just goin along with whatever the majority of the group decides, which usually means the loudest (Dale) until Hank steps in and corrects the tide. I'd call him milque toast as a hot take except his personal life has some interesting aspects that we sometimes see, like when Bobby takes care of his place.

  40. iPhone 14 pro here, brand new, tried lots of stuff but still have stuttering regularly. Hoping there’s more documentation on this soon and apple fixes it. All we can do is complain rn.

  41. Weed and caffeine are a great mix, it took me awhile for my adderall to work right tho. I was prescribed 10mg twice a day. I started on half of that, 5mg twice daily, then added the rest in additional 5mg doses per day until I reached 20mg. Now I’m at the 10mg 2x dose and it works well.

  42. Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15” with the i7 quad core. If it doesn’t have a solid state drive, you can upgrade pretty easily. Same with ram, it maxes at 16gb though. It’s the last model that supports the latest OS and it is a beast of a computer. I’ve been using mine for years, and it can handle a lot more than you’d think. It has a ton of ports too and the battery can be replaced inexpensively unlike newer models that require you to replace the top case as well. Honestly anything Mac that is newer than this will work too but do not skimp and get a dual core anything.

  43. I have the same one and it's great for most stuff, it can't handle more complicated automations with multiple filters and heavy reverbs. You can allways just pre render the stuff though. Also i replaced the disc reader with an additional ssd which did extend it's usefulness for me quite a bit

  44. I have had issues with lots of tracks in ableton and it maxing out, but, it’s always been a stable and predictable beast. For lots of producers it would be more than enough still, I make dubstep and other resource heavy electronic music so I eventually upgraded to an in studio hackintosh but still use the laptop every day. Dude, that 2nd harddrive mod is sweet, I put an ssd in the original spot and used the old hdd as my backup drive, feels great knowing it’s always in there backing it up.

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