1. Tru I’m always looking to make some friends

  2. Someone doesn't like their ex's new boyfriend.

  3. I mean it's obvious he's just a young man angry at [group of other young men]. Phrase it however let's you sleep.

  4. If I had to guess you’re definitely English or from the UK, good grind tho bro 🙌🏻

  5. Kyle didn’t even kill three good people (not that we should consider that when we’re determining whether or not he’s guilty). He killed an actual child molester, a person with a history of domestic abuse, and injured a dude pointing a gun at him. He didn’t roll up and open on fire on a bunch of volunteer firefighters singing “we shall overcome”.

  6. Exactly, like I don’t get why they have such a hard on for him killing these obviously bad people. Before the whole attack happened people were trying to light a dumpster on fire and roll it at cops, Kyle literally ran to put out the fire like from what I’ve seen he was in the right for what he did.

  7. Of course he does. Karma is real, Kyle, and it’s coming for you.

  8. No offence but why would anybody buy that west side story album new, it’s literally a staple of bargain bins and thrift stores

  9. It was a good deal $10, and it’s a colored vinyl 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Чувак, ну что я могу тебе сказать? Иди поспи, реально

  11. Ok. None of the people in the store seem to think he’s very funny. Maybe he shouldn’t practice his standup at Walmart?

  12. I’m not saying it’s good what he’s doing, or right, I’m just saying that it’s satire.

  13. I’m not a girl, but I’d say 5 because I really do not care about your arms regardless of how muscular they are.

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