1. I hate the whole "Karen" thing, using someone's name as an insult seems particularly mean.

  2. Diablo 1 PC on the LAN at college (1997.) used the town kill hack, got someone set up and killed. Pretty sure my buddy still has “ear of Firestarter” on a disk or flash drive somewhere.

  3. "Servers will be open 1 day earlier on Thursday for ATC"?

  4. Beat it on T1 with 1 minute left. A lot of ppl have no idea how to avoid its attacks still. Also I thought it moved around a bit more this go around (until it swaps attacks around 50%?)

  5. You will never be able to experience the server slam again.

  6. But it will not be the pre-launch server slam event anymore.

  7. Were you there for D3 launch? If D4 launch is even close to the shitshow that was, you’re going to laugh at yourself for being concerned about the “server slam.”

  8. Our financial institutions and our economy are collapsing all around us how will we ever solve this? Let’s send over more billions to Ukraine that should solve it.

  9. If jobs report shows a net loss (or less gain than expected), are we looking at +3% today?

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