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  1. His career was revive because he was no longer dealing with nagging injuries, which is why he was waived by both teams in the first place. His numbers were always decent and a team was always gonna take a chance on him on a nice deal (as has been the case before he went to GSW when he was with PHI and DAL).

  2. His career was revived because he proved he could be a serious and valuable contributor on a good team with the warriors. Yes he could have revived his career with another team. But he was viewed as a class clown type and now he's a key culture setter at various orgs.

  3. Other draft nerds would prefer the first pick in the second round than the last pick of the first round because they are even cheaper and if you use the partial MLE (like we did with Rollins) you can get the same type of team control as the first rounders.

  4. No you can't. Look at brunson. If they have a 4 year deal they are UFAs. This way you get the 2+2+ RFA which is infinitely more useful.

  5. Saw a hedgehog just the other day outside my apartment building:

  6. I used to have hedgehogs living in my garden. And multiple times red kites dropped their eviscerated corpses into my schools playground.

  7. Just a friendly reminder that PBJ is a true 6'9 without shoes (6'9.25) and has a wingspan of 7'1.25

  8. wiggins deciding he can just jump and rebound fucked us up and looney running around like rodman for rebounds punished us. jaren jackson cant rebound for shit, clarke was the only decent rebounder

  9. I was thinking its because they can't eat anything without scales as a water dwelling creature.

  10. R5: playing as Norway with a ton of Advisor Cost Reduction from Innovative, Government Reform, Parliament Debate, and The Crown of Norway modifier form Mission. Although its a lvl 1 advisor, you cant help but wonder....

  11. Wasnt it 600 bench? And 20,000 women is not plausible lol. He would have to sleep with 2 different women a day, every day for 27 years straight

  12. Good job he lived until he was 63 and Famously slept with multiple partners per encounter. Like if the encounters are 3-4 times a week does that change you estimation.

  13. I still don't believe it. Do you think he kept a journal to keep track of the number? Just seems pretty ridiculous.

  14. No he used how many women he slept with over a week or something and then used that to guess how many women he'd slept with.

  15. How about I do the same tackle on you and then we’ll see what you think

  16. Yeah I think it should be, a booking. I've taken a few of those.

  17. From behind, studs up, high, not even close to playing the ball, come on….it’s a red.

  18. Yeah he raked martinellis calf and came down on his foot. He was clearly trying to trip him. Not from behind from the side. Hard not to be studs up in that motion. Would have had to have been a lot more forceful to cause injury. It should be a booking.

  19. If we’re evaluating defense then shouldn’t we be looking at the top offensive players. In that case I think Trae Young is easily top 10.

  20. I think it's more important to who you will likely be guarding in late playoff rounds. And I mean 3 of the 4 western conference finalists this year had one of those 7 players. Last year only one of them but the other also on his team was injured.

  21. Mikal is much better at fighting through screens that's like what helps him be the defender he is.

  22. I've seen Mikal guard Ja. That's just false. Mikal is better at navigating screens that's true. And has a slightly higher success rate vs Ja but not a very good one. You need a smaller guard for that.

  23. Nah I think Curry is still killing it from half court. He’s been doing it for years:

  24. Ofc he is. I just think Poole is winning the competition atm. At least the last time they updated us.

  25. Moody and Poole probably deal with this shit in practice everyday lol

  26. Idk I think Poole is technically beating steph on halfcourt shots. They apparently shoot 1 every day at the end of practice. And they count one's in game. And Poole hit 2 in the playoffs.

  27. we should send this motherfucker to broker a peace between armenia and azerbaijan

  28. He's going to get the presidents of each country to host a gameshow.

  29. That quote specifically was about all his real life/smash friends its why he made his podcasts to make his roommates rich

  30. What about all the greek myths and legends that had expiscvly Bi or Gay characters? Hell, Hercules (or Herakles) is explicitly stated to have had multiple male lovers throughout his life. Not as many as his female lovers but it is stated that he had them.

  31. I mean Artemis also has the body of a child iirc. So with Artemis it could very well just be she doesn't have sex at all.

  32. History, Arcana, Religion checks are usually very important for my games. They can make fights easier and help avoid encounters entirely.

  33. Sure. But you're generally going to have wizard to do these. Because you pretty much always should have a wizsrd.

  34. I'm also pretty sure Steph is really popular in Japan.

  35. Plus the warriors shirt sponsor is rakuten who sponsors the event.

  36. It's harden obviously we are talking about the Barkley to the warriors MJ.

  37. If you’re taking Danny over Jalen right now… jeez man. I’m a Sixers fan and I love Danny but cmon dude

  38. Well we don't know what Jalen or Danny is. But pre injury you probably take Danny.

  39. Harold Shipman stole millions and killed the most. True GOAT

  40. the better question: between him and Jimmy Butler, who is more HOF-worthy?

  41. I love Jimmy but wtf has he done to be in the HOF?

  42. 2 amazing playoff runs. 5 all-defensive teams, 2 extra all-nba teams, an extra all-star team. And is probably missing at least 2 all-star teams from 20/21 and 18/19.

  43. You can build a team with sabonis as one of your 2-3 best players. You can't with Allen.

  44. That's just false. Look at basically every championship team since the merger. What do they all have in common? Top 10 defence (bar 2018 warriors) based on elite rim protection or switchabilty. Sabonis has neither. JA has both. And next to an elite guard there is no significant difference in offensive value because JAs gravity as a roller is much that it allows for relatively much easier looks for his guards.

  45. I mean realistically steph and KD were the only ones who were together at their absolute primes. And were also the best fits. They are both these elite on off ball hybrids who don't take anything off the table for each other as scorers. Defensively they are probably only better than Magic, Kareem. But they are so much better on offence than the others that you could stack defensive personnel around them more easily without compromising the best overall offence among these guys.

  46. I don’t see how he makes the 20s team. We have a long way to go and he’s dropped out of the top 5 players. Giannis and Jokic are locks already so that’s two of three front court positions. So you’d have to assume no forwards step up in the next 7 years.

  47. Well it's 9 front court slots. So presumably KD + Tatum will make it I'd guess. So that leaves like 4 more assuming LeBron also makes the team which seems pretty reasonable to me.

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