1. Depends on the sub. Subreddits where people closely follow what is happening in world conflicts tend to be far less supportive of Palestine than the general subs where people are reminded about the conflict once every other year.

  2. This is 100% the opposite of what is actually happening.

  3. Broods are buffed and nerfed at the same time, people acting like the broodling change doesn't matter is annoying, especially for stalkers it's a big deal. Zerg players also still focusfire carrier.

  4. I was with you until you talked about colossus vs hydras, going colossus vs ling/bane/roach can work, but it's an allin vs hydras as hydras will transition into lurker and colossus suck vs lurker. Storm is a much better counter.

  5. Is that only true for cloak? Maybe burrow too for Zerg? Ie it's not unit specific. But this is in a building.... for the upgrade?

  6. Putting stop building and "cancel building" on the same hotkey doesn't work as well, but it does work in grid.

  7. I feel like EMP and feedback should have the same range

  8. A 0.75 range advantage for a ground targeted spell (edge of the emp) is really not that easy and if protoss could reliably feedback ghosts without them getting emp's off (which is what your suggestion would mean) that would be a big problem.

  9. Maxpax does not participate in the premiere level offline events. Skillous and Zoun are fair examples.

  10. So what, he's at that skill level. Why would his participation in a very specific tournament format matter?

  11. I think this perspective is actually not far off from the community's perspective if you're just looking at the changes in a vacuum, but it omits the next step.

  12. Protoss lategame vs zerg is buffed with the templar and viper changes. In pro games on the new patch, I haven't seen a protoss lose vs zerg in lategame yet, of course that is not a lot of games, but the impact was noticeable.

  13. I think in blackjack skilled Players count all the already used cards in their head wich gives them the advantage of pure luck less skilled players have (i dont play blackjack, so this might be wrong)

  14. No one takes card counting to thqt extent, all people do is bet very low and keep track of the ratio of high cards to low gards (just add +1,-1,+0 to a mental counter) and if there are enough high cards so that perfect play has positive expectation value, they bet high.

  15. What a load of bullshit. No one paid for 260 T-72s and PT-91. Even worse, germany started to say they're only eligible for leopard 1 as ringtausch, so the deal fell through. Hence, the polish korean shopping spree afterwards to patch up inventory. And poland did sent undisclosed amount of Mig-29, just as parts to be assembled after delivery. Where do you think those jurry rigged harm slinging Mig-29s came from after russia boasted about destroying entire ukrainian air force?

  16. Let's see 1)true, 2) true 3) they are after assembly :), 4) i never said it did, i said they claimed so and you can't deny big losses in the first days of war

  17. 1,2 remain false, no matter how much you try, spare parts can't be assembled into a jet (lmao at you believing that), the vast majority of losses of both fixed wing and rotary aircraft occured in march, not the first days of the war. Russia was initially heavily relying on electronic warfare but accidentally jammed their own systems as well and operated out of range of most of their AA systems (trying to take Hostomel airport for example).

  18. It’s a hypotherical with real life examples. You could get a concussion, brain trauma. You can forget just about anything.

  19. Not remotely how that claim process goes. If you want to provide a proof, we can check where it came from and whose work it really is.

  20. "Functions by definition have to be bijective" is pure nonsense.

  21. Ghost are not significantly weaker vs zerg, look at literally any pro game played on the patch in TvZ, snipes getting cancelled from moving out of range only happens in a few percent of cases.

  22. There are alot of terran and protoss units we dont see because they lose games if used outside very specific situations.

  23. Sentries are used for guardian shield in PvT midgame, BCs are a core part of TvZ mech to prevent swarmhosts, hellions are mech's mineral dump and important vs lings, hellbats are used throughout the game as shield, tempest are used as cheese and are a standard PvZ lategame unit, dt's are a PvP mid and lategame staple and used in PvT to snipe planetaries after disruptor are out.

  24. The German government got international pressure for being resistant to sending the tanks. Stop acting like they were just waiting for the paperwork to go through.

  25. The "international pressure" was just political posturing, it's election season in Poland, not a coincidence. The fact thqt it took less than 24h to apprpve the request is a clear sign that your position is incorrect.

  26. your post doesn't make any sense.

  27. Considering that Germany has approved the sending of a tank company composed of Leopard 2A6 tanks, an official announcement from our end is almost certainly coming, given that Germans outright said they wouldn't send any of their tanks if we didn't send any of ours.

  28. It's probably to get the Germans to agree to sending their own tanks. Germany has always been keen on maintaining some kind of relationship with Russia and it's people are much more skeptical of foreign weapon sales than other NATO members. The more other countries send tanks the less Germany stands out from the rest, which makes it more palpable for them. But there's definitely some internal debates going on, they didn't replace their defense minister recently for nothing

  29. Germany announced tank deliveries to Ukraine at the same time as the USA, it was coordinated and in the works for a while.

  30. Idk man. No disrespect, but saying things like "Katowice will be anything more than a glorified balance-test showcase" seems a bit overdramatic and exaggerated to me.

  31. Zerg is the easiest race to play, you have the easiest production, never experience supply block or waste time on placing pylons and depots because you can just queue some overlords, you have a massive advantage early game, you can afford to take losses and recover your losses really fast and switch gears as needed to adapt to enemy's production plan, your armies can benefit from good micro, but don't really demand it, and the patch team really favours you while also pulling the sting off the enemy's best units.

  32. Given that you have these strong feelings, surely you are willing to share the 1v1 mmr you reached with zerg.

  33. I’m master and i played against Solar in EPT once, he beat me 2-0 and it was an incredible experience

  34. What did you learn to scout specifically and how do you learn map awareness from 2 games?

  35. The edges of buildings in SC2 are round and not square. So even if the building grid shows to squares of the buildings touching if it's not flush then the gap is much larger then it looks like it is.

  36. He's joking clearly. Or not and we've lost all hope.

  37. You can joke and still exaggerate at the same time through the insinuation.

  38. You provided a source of you being wrong yourself, so what exactly do you want from me?

  39. It is unclear what really happened. both narratives (that the tanks were trash or that Spain was pressured to withdraw the commitment and this story was a figleaf) are possible.

  40. No, facts are a thing, no matter how much misinformation you consume.

  41. The game is volatile enough that it’s conceivable that a platinum player can beat low GM with some cheese or timing attack.

  42. 1.-We don't know which pros form the council appart from scarlett

  43. Good. Harstem needs more wins. He should probably formally switch to zerg while the getting is good.

  44. People are joking, something you seem to be incapable of understanding.

  45. Looked like he went gg at the end of the clip. I haven’t seen recent videos since we last did comparatives. I tend to think he’s neuraled and ethically questionable.

  46. OK, so less than 30 and more than 10, which he makes a point of calling a conservative estimate. How would you characterize that range? What are you hoping for here, 11-30?

  47. Yeah see, Maru is far better than even the second best Terran, but not as good as the fourth best zerg, it's just statistics! We just got four bonjwas! And they're all about as good as each other!

  48. Your first comment illustrates that you're not actually interested in an answer or have any self awareness of when you lack competence.

  49. They were likely to follow through even if they didn't get the green light from Germany. They are happy to do anything they can to hamstring the Russian invasion, and put themselves in position to receive newer, more advanced equipment in the process.

  50. To friends in need you just say “how much and how fast do you need it” not, “fill out a request in triplicate, I’ll check stock and let you know after the war. “ The Germans are anal about records and record keeping.

  51. The reason this meme has so much success is because many think it's partly real. Many people from the community, be it casters from different countries and playing different races, pro players, casual players, viewers... have expressed some concern about zerg winning everything in a supposedly 3 race game for 7 years.

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