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  1. I posted this study because I wanted the patients to see the damage that it does to the terpenes. If you look at the conclusion of the study, it states the following:

  2. Also gets rid of CBN when I read the study. What a headache of a read lol

  3. Makes sense.. Wedding cake x Gelato.. must be heavier on the WC side.. interested in hearing from someone who has had Klutch's for the sake of comparison..

  4. The Klutch version is the best I've found, but I haven't tried the Standard Wellness version. So I'm curious how it compares too

  5. Everything I get from Klutch is fire! Just grabbed a couple bags last week and they were great! Pineapple PZ, and Apricot Gelato. Orange 43 is still my favorite though. Big Head always comes through. Can't wait to try the Kush Mints and Catfish.

  6. Tally Mon was better than the Northern Lights to me. I've been super happy with Tally Mon, but I hear Salty Watermelon is better.

  7. I actually like the bud. Not the hardest hitting, but still better than most strains I've tried.

  8. I'm a fan of super sour orange, but I'll be on the lookout fir Super Lemon Haze

  9. Hands down my favorite but it’s been really hard to come across. Positive buzz that works wonders for pain.

  10. Some of the strongest effects I've had in awhile. It's very euphoric to me.

  11. Let’s cut through the anecdotal bullshit and look at legal repercussions here. If you are caught transporting MI pot into Ohio you are looking at a possible trafficking charge. Sure, you might not get caught. But if you do, this is the possibility of what you face

  12. That's for distribution. You have to have someone you're selling to, for the charge to stick. Possession in Ohio is up to 500 grams, counties have different amounts.

  13. Thanks for the pic of product and terps! How are the effects?

  14. It actually does have something to do with dispensaries and these results getting on menus.

  15. I hope so. That would make me a lot more comfortable with my orders. Thanks for the info!

  16. Not to say anything bad about tcc. I think it’s good. But what’s up with the price of it lately , I have been seeing it fir cheap or sitting on shelves. Just asking

  17. No idea. Been awhile since I had it, and I enjoyed the strain.

  18. "bystander", more like hero. I hope the person who put themselves at risk to save others, gets praise.

  19. I wish for lower priced edibles too. You can find deals every once in awhile, so don't be shy about looking. Verilife was having amazing deals not too long ago, but I've been having trouble finding some for a good price lately though.

  20. Gelenas is great, but you're missing out if you don't explore the menu. Klutch, Woodward, and Riviera Creek have had the strongest effects for me, but bang for your buck, there's a lot of great cultivators out there.

  21. Yeah! First thing heading our way, and we can do something about it, it will have paid itself the world over! Granted, might not happen in the time we have on our earth, but at least someone is being proactive. Also we might be able to confirm or deny some theories on physics, that could improve tech, if we have a better idea of the universe. Really great news for me. Hopefully gets the world on the same page too. I miss when we were all working on space together. Seemed like a better world, just a few years ago.

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