1. He's like the Australian Mickey O'Neil. Skinny dude with hands made of iron.

  2. Was so focused on the minor details I didn't see the giant big right in front of me!

  3. Football is ass , I played it and watched it until a few years ago. Seeing all the CTE and injuries was disgusting. I stick to soccer and basketball now

  4. I put derishishishi in S tier only cause of Robin

  5. Iron tail was introduced in gen 2 alongside steel type though 😔

  6. 4. If you do 1 or 2 you need to follow ltg’s advice

  7. Every new enemy is 2 feet taller than the last. What happened to super humans who hid amongst us.

  8. Grazing causes the plants to release sugars into the soil that breed microbiota, making the soil even more fertile. It's why U.S. prairies were so hardy in the time of buffalo! That and the prairie grass descended like 20ft into the ground and stored rainwater.

  9. I wish it went into what they consider "Less intensively managed." Doesn't seem like they explain exactly what that is. Is it silvopasture? Is it free range?

  10. I'm definitely no expert, I have never considered myself one. I am a full time personal trainer though. I wanted to give a different opinion to the personal trainer NSE brought in to talk. He stated somethings I felt needed some pushback.

  11. Yeah. By fat acceptance I mean the concept that overweight individuals should be able to exist without feeling pressure to lose weight or have their weight be an issue. Sometimes, when people are extremely obese this is unavoidable. However, I generally think people shouldn't receive unsolicited comments or pressure explicit or implicit on their weight. I don't think that should have to define their identity. Becoming healthier is a good thing, but I don't think someone's weight needs to consume their identity particularly when it doesn't have to. I can elaborate more as to why I believe this as needed.

  12. Not gonna lie, Usopp should have a darker complexion. Ever since Alabasta they've been white washing the show.

  13. The entire crew has slowly become whiter and whiter over the years. Robin is a perfect example.

  14. From a quick Google, Magnus has made $25-30M lifetime. Hans is asking for more money than the top 5 grandmasters lifetime earnings combined, by a LOT lol.

  15. You can think of a ring as the base case as it is in a sense a portal, then project the ring into a plane with a hole.

  16. It doesn’t matter, the episode would detonate and be released anyways in farm world

  17. Good. We need someone to step up to the plate when the biggest names in politics are Hasan on the left and Shapiro on the right.

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