1. Blamed the housekeeper - a classic.

  2. No no lemon pledge here also no shirts and sweets and no fentanyl and no lemon pledge.

  3. Plot twist: dad finds the nudes on kids phone and the mom gets off free.

  4. Yes son, I will tell you about it when I see you.

  5. My parents would say no but I’d say let him play with you.

  6. IRA’s, Roth IRA’s and 401k’s are retirement accounts. They are not intended to build massive wealth quickly. They work well over time, like 20+ years. Not so great for short term investments. I work for my state’s retirement system. People who consistently contribute to their IRA’s over a 30+ year career easily retire as millionaires. People who wait until their 50’s to start don’t usually have enough to cover a single year’s expenses by age 65. When you hear people complaining that their retirement savings have been wiped out by the stock market, it’s usually those who began saving later in life. Those who started early also take a hit, but overall, are ahead.

  7. I know I’m just looking to hear from someone who consistently contributed to their accounts for 30+ plus and see how they did. I haven’t been able to meet or talk to one of those people yet either because they don’t use the internet or they don’t want to talk about how they did.

  8. I don’t understand? They are investments … they work just like any other investment? Their performance will depend entirely on the funds and stocks you pick.

  9. Appreciate the reply it’s nice to hear they work! Going to assume you are in the age range I described and have been contributing for 30-40 years. 😀

  10. Imagine going off to war and it’s a Jeep that kills you…

  11. Apparently the guys that notify families these days aren't supposed to talk about the actual circumstances, basically for this reason - the family can imagine it was a heroic Hollywood death instead of falling off a ladder changing a barracks light.

  12. He looks pretty stern and focused here. Does the media portray him as a forgetful nursing home patient on purpose?

  13. Why would baby be up and not already fed at 1135?

  14. The next American Idol: Serial killer edition

  15. Bro this made my day you’re dog is awesome.

  16. Because children don’t do Reddit challenges and kill themselves.

  17. Might be a good idea to tell them, at least so they can transfer your records over.

  18. Where is the “maybe a condom, maybe a pack of gum”?

  19. Honestly even if the piss jugs are fake the rest of the set up is mighty impressive.

  20. Now you can just use urban dictionary like the rest of us.

  21. These clips are too short... why you ask? because one of them they miscalculate and the girl falls.

  22. They are an artist, they wrote the song we all know and love, Piss Soaked Prostitute Abortion.

  23. wait really? I don't want to google that song.....

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