1. You can now order a house (some assembly required) from Home Depot.

  2. You can even put the house on your credit card.

  3. Where’s coco when you need him to play a song.

  4. the simple answer is that you joined a group of friends that dont want to call each other out because it would sour -their- relationships. they were probably in a discord lobby as well. it is a frustrating experience playing with friends, or especially friends of friends, that dont perform. can stay silent about it, try to make some jokes about it, blame the randoms in your group, or call them out and be the villain in the group of friends.

  5. Anyone with kill anyone in their profile should be Perma banned from the game doesn’t matter who.

  6. Hi, does anyone know what the monthly spending cap for real life money is in the Korean version of Lost Ark. I tried asking around but no can or wants to answer this. Thanks!

  7. +30% hone rate between 1302 +12~15. there's no dead zone anymore with that level of hone increase lol.

  8. Does this make it 100% success now up to 1370 in KR?

  9. Watch Zeals Ambitions. His stream never has bussing content because he's against doing it on stream.

  10. If a tribe was circling me like sharks in water I wouldn't be smiling.

  11. Ive been running my pets 24/7 using relic rapport i had saved up

  12. Come off it, you know fine well his message was not a helpful advice nor friendly for that matter.

  13. I can see both sides here, actually I am leaning more towards your opinion based on the placement of buddy. If he was trying to help the conversion could of went more like this. “Hey buddy I was looking at your gear and I have a similar set up like you on my alt, I found that an extra engraving helped me put out more dps before working on my weapon and it saved me some resources. Feel free to add me as a friend if you have more questions.”

  14. I got my hoodie don’t care about anything else.

  15. Is Berver the only dude on punika? Why is it only him?

  16. There is a whole prison in Punika it’s where they store the men. You visit it once during a quest.

  17. Don’t tell people you’re new, by the time they realize you don’t know what you’re doing you will have learned a few mechanics by then. Also watch a video guide first.

  18. Does anyone have a link to the new skins from Korea patch?

  19. I’m in the same boat. I know when they’re supposed to be used, but I have almost zero experience actually doing it.

  20. You can literally queue in and practice. I don’t think a practice mode will actually promote people to practice.

  21. Not sure wtf you're talking about. I can't practice without screwing up the raid for 7 other people.

  22. You have to find 7 other people that want to practice. Unless practice mode means going in with a bot system. Going in solo won’t help any.

  23. Why do you “use” quotations on random words?

  24. This is one of the only books that I bet people click on one at a time to savor the moment.

  25. Guess the age of each player without telling me their age.

  26. I tried to zoom in to see your played time but it’s too blurry. 😂

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