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  1. Go look at Access Park mall. There are a looot of second hand and factory clothing for very good prices.

  2. I get sexually assaulted all the time. Or at least I used to. I’m in the US now and it seems safer here.

  3. Not viewing yourself as a victim and taking control of a situation is perfectly okay. But brushing off or dismissing someone else's experience and trauma because you believe you can handle it better is an arsehole thing to do. Quite frankly, you sound naive and it's hard to believe you're 60.

  4. Had a good reason. A very sick friend who needed me. If the Qataris want to make a diplomatic incident out of that they can fucking bring it on. I have a knack of making myself useful, making lemonade out of lemons and if they want to look at my vagina I can promise not to collapse in a girly swoon. I can’t imagine they’ve seen many so it might be educational for them. Hell they could even kill me. It’d be worth it to bring their colossal assholeness to light and maybe bring about a few changes.

  5. It’s funny how people get so wrapped up in pronouns when culturally and biologically every mammalian organism reproduces through an action of the male genotype giving something to the female. This action creates a conception. All male mammalian genotypes have an unlimited supply of gametes where females have a limited supply. This quality dictating their mating behavior. Therefore the entity of male is best consolidated as provider of unlimited resource and female being curator of limited resource. So in this sense God has more male characteristics. Maybe even how we ended up calling vehicles by female names. Not they any of this matters, but it just makes the whole concept of being gatekeepery and judgmental about diety gender silly.

  6. One can say that a god being a woman makes more sense because female mammals actually create and knit together life in their wombs, and give birth to it, bringing it into the world. Just like how gods create life.

  7. I really dig these! You have a great eye.

  8. I've seen your other posts before. I love your style!! Thank you for sharing, these are really great for inspiration.

  9. Best drip I’ve seen so far today, online or irl. What are those pants gran?

  10. I wonder, do people really think OP is a granny, or is it part of the joke? It looks photoshopped and OP does not seem like a granny at all in their post history.

  11. As a female, your best defense is awareness and escaping any situation, besides that, a firearm and training.

  12. For any average person, female and male, escaping the situation is the best thing to do.

  13. I feel like other RPG's could really learn a thing or two from Skyrim's male characters...

  14. Since no one else has said it, props to the smooth editing! Loved the shoe flip.

  15. He murdered his Dad for beating his mother…so yeah good bloke…and dark magic was literally just help people pass over.

  16. I think like a lot of the characters in W3, including Geralt himself, it's more complicated than just describing the peddler as good or bad. But I do think in general he has good intentions and means well.

  17. Hahah I love how you climb into the box to drive your point home.

  18. Looks epic! Can you please do a vid fighting one of the monsters?

  19. I think it’ll work if it was a little longer! If this was at midaxi length, then chef’s kiss.

  20. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the thin straps don't work on some SD's because vertical types usually have a strong frame? And the thin straps might exaggerate the frame?

  21. I love how everyone just casually watched the decapitated dude walk away.

  22. I would love to have a dress like that! I'm a soft dramatic. Do you mind sharing where it's from?

  23. Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous posts. I'm still not 100% sure what my ID is, but from what I have learned on Kibbe, I think I made a good choice.

  24. Surely I'm not the only one whose noticed Geralt's ass in those pants? Hot damn.

  25. Agreed! It also has a low back with criss cross straps.

  26. It’s perfect: the neckline is D and the fall of the dress is Soft, however I feel there is a lot of waist emphasis which doesn’t fit in to SD. I’d get a less noticeable belt. Let me know what your thoughts are :-)

  27. Thank you! I thought the neckline, waist and soft flowing material was SD. I decided not to get it though, because I wasn't 100% happy with the way it fit.

  28. It may suit another type better and a lot of people are making some great points about that, but I think it looks beautiful on you! How do you feel in it?

  29. Thank you so much :) I initially liked it. But when I tried it on again, I found that I didn't 100% like the fit.

  30. If you have / ever have kids, one day they'll see these photos and realise their mom was way cooler than them.

  31. Well done, dude. Just a note, wishlist at the end of the video is spelt 'whishlist.'

  32. Honestly calling natural black hair "exotic" while in Africa is some next level bullshit.

  33. Everything about white leadership and the effect that had on culture in South Africa is unbelievably awful, racist, and evil. Even decades after apartheid, apartheid culture still somehow persists considering this article is from 2016.

  34. Woooah you need to slow down. Our schools do have strict rules around uniform, yes, and both girls and boys have to follow rules. But we dont feel discriminated against or powerless just because we can't wear make up, nail polish, hair dye etc. And no one is literally measuring the width of our hair ties.

  35. I live in SA. Out of context it sounds bad, but exotic isn't only used to describe black girls' hairstyles in schools. For example, my one sided braid was called exotic. It's ridiculous, yes, but the word exotic is not racially fuelled.

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